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Ronan's report

Friday, 28 December, 2012

It is certainly a great holiday – was reminded by Paul that it is Friday ?. The lucky devil is in Zanzibar. Wish we could be with you Paul – nevertheless, I hope you have a super time taming the Indian Ocean monsters.

In December last year, I told my son that we when he catches a fish, that we will light a fire and braai (barbeque) it on the beach. Well, he did catch a fish and we started our adventure. We collected drift wood, found some newspaper, and after much effort (since no one smoked), we found some matches (six very old sticks). With the paper being soaked in salt, and the wind blowing heavily, we quickly worked through the six match sticks and still had not started the fire. And so the adventure was resurrected two months ago, before our trip to the coast this December.

So my son catches another fish, and of course as expected, the immediate request was that we light a fire and cook it. This time I was prepared. Drift wood was gathered quickly and the fire was roaring in no time. As anywhere I suppose, light a fire on the beach and you attract a lot of attention. No different this time – add another three kids from some other picnicking family and we have a bigger adventure.

The fish was barely large enough to feed one, but after being spiked on a stick and carefully grilled over the fire, bite-sized pieces were shared with all. I cannot really confirm who had the greater adventure – all the kids, my son, or myself. It reminded me of times when I was little and did exactly that on the beach.

Yes, it certainly is a wonderful holiday. I can only hope that every single one of you are also experiencing the same.

Tight lines and screaming reels.

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