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Ronan's report

Wednesday 22nd August, 2007

I write my FP on Monday, and it goes live on Wednesday. So, two days ago, at my house it was "Cleaning Day". What that means is we put aside most of the other chores and duties (except really important stuff like writing the FP) and clean up our little house. Normally cleaning night happens every week, so the amount of cleaning is pretty tolerable. But for the last month, I've been fishing like a madman and Kim has been training hard for the marathon that she ran a few days ago, and neither of us has been in any mood to clean the house.

The predictable result is that the place is a complete dump. Piles of clothes, dog hair, general clutter, gear from trips that has not been unpacked or returned to the normal storage places. It's bad. Not as bad as my truck, and not nearly as bad as Paul's truck, but that standard should never be reached indoors.

Cleaning the house sucks. To make it as fun as possible, I like to drink several beers. I also like to play a game and see what kinds of fly tying material scraps make it all over the house. This week the winner is a bit of blue flashy stuff that was in the bed.

Aside from these boring domestic duties, I've been fishing pretty hard. Steelhead are around but rivers have been really low, making for some interesting fishing conditions. It's never a big numbers game with steelhead, so I'm not concerned. I've been meeting some new guys on the river and having a fun summer so far. It's rained for the last two days, so hopefully things will change for the better.

Lastly, I received a nice email today from Scott Howell, the Umpqua River guide who was responsible for getting the ball rolling on the C&R Activism. He thanked all of you who signed the petition in support of wild steelhead C&R. We're starting to think about putting up a new petition soon to collect signatures proving ongoing support for the newly instated C&R regs for native steelhead. We want to get a scary number of signatures this time, in case of an appeal. Get ready.

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