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Ronan's report

Monday 14th October, 2013

I've finally understood winter in the Hungarian Villages! I've never been too keen on it myself - "why have a Winter where there's a Summer going on?" - has always been my philosophy in life, but Peter actually seemed to be looking forward to it. I'm like, "what's so good about winter, man? It's dark, it's cold, it's shit!" - I didn't actually say that, but it must have been obvious that's what I was thinking because Peter said: "I know you don't like Winters, Paulika, but for the rest of us people who live in the Hungarian villages, it's when we get to rest; we work all the year really fucking hard and this is the time when we get to watch videos, catch up with friends, cook Palinka and shoot wild pigs!"

Can't argue with that. I on the other hand will be travelling to New Zealand just as soon as possible. However I'm not leaving until the new website is designed - so I'm expecting a cold and foggy November at Latohegy, in Hungary, fishing for pike!

This week - some time today in fact - Bernd and Lasse fly into Stansted "anything for a quid" Airport for the AAPGAI AGM next weekend. Tuesday and Wednesday we'll be fishing Rutland, catching big grown-on fish in the margins (probably) and in the rain (certainly). Peter and I fished it last year and it was pretty good, so we're hoping for much of the same. And then it's over to Wales for the AGM, a beer fest and a Welsh SheepGirl Party. Next week I'm in Spain for a Spanish Flycasting weekend, testing two new Torpedos with Alejandro, catching up with Carlos the Magnificent and finally fishing with Tonio!

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Cheers, Paul

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