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Ronan's report

Monday 3rd November, 2008

We fished here, we fished there, we fished early, we fished late, and all I can say is that apart from one brief ten-minute spell it was pretty damned hard. In that ten-minute spell we had 5 takes, one landed to Tonio, one bust-up to me, and that was it apart from the occasional and random fish over the week. Mostly it was fishing and searching and seeking. There may have been some Palinka in the evenings.

It was great to meet up with Janko from the board, who came over from Croatia for the weekend, bringing his own type of Palinka Death Juice, and chocolate. We fished together with Zsombor and Faresz; Faresz catching a large-mouth Asp on a fantastic fly that I had tied for him specifically for the purpose, and Janko picking out a smaller one while eating a sandwich.

Now Bob wrote an interesting page about numbers yesterday, and we could certainly have done with some of that sort of fishing last week I can tell you, many numbers in fact and some big ones.

I do count fish of course, mostly while catching them, and accurately, not so I can compare catches, because that's not particularly interesting unless you're fishing with Deano, and catching more than him - but the real reason is because it's a decision that I think makes me a better flyfisher. Somewhere I often used to lose count when I wasn't counting, if you know what I mean - and then I'd start losing fish, missing takes, somehow it wasn't quite so important any more, and then the rot sets in and a good start turns into a series of mishaps and fuckups. Counting is my way through that.

"Sequencing" is one of Steve Parton's terms - Steve wrote a bunch of excellent stuff for Sexyloops a few years back, for example I love this quote "Because on large water you always operate on the assumption that somewhere there is a feeding bonanza and it is down to you to find it."

I don't know if it's possible to sequence on Asp. I think it is. That's what keeps me going and I reckon that without a shadow of a doubt I will completely nail those bastards, and not just one at a time, but all of them, and all at once. It's going to be Asp Hell here in Hungary next week.

Here's a press release from RIO.


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