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Ronan's report

Sunday 6th July, 2014

A couple of weeks ago my fishing companion managed to break 2 fishing rods during one day. The first rod he broke removing it from the tube, the second incident occurred on the river, far enough from the camp. Fishing had just started, so he looked very upset. Then I recalled that a similar situation occurred a couple of years ago on the river Penka (Kola Peninsula). We were thrown by helicopter along the river far enough and we had intended to return to the camp fishing in promising spots. Literally on the first pool Vladimir, when he was playing fish in an inconvenient place, handled the rod at a sharp angle and the rod broke.

Having done a photo shoot and releasing fish, without a second of good cheer, he got to a nearby bush and cut off a small twig. He folded parts of the broken fishing rod overlapping, taped them with the twig using electrical tape (piece of mono is a good option too) and after 10 minutes continued fishing and less than an hour later landed next salmon!

This method of field rods repair he learned from one of famous Russian flyfisherman Mickael Scopets. Mickael had broken his doublehanded rod, repaired it in the same manner and used it for years successfully. It should be noted that the rod behaviour isn't affect too much after such a repair :)).

Cheers, Anvar.

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