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Ronan's report

Wednesday 7th March, 2012

I'm in France, making the long trip back from Spain to Hungary. It was 8 hrs to Tonio's and it's another 16 on to Latohegy. It was great to catch up with Tonio, even if it was only for the evening. Tonio is working in the fisheries here in France and has taken this job because he's in amour.

However, his girlfriend, "Jennifer", was not in evidence, raising the possibility that she may be imaginary. Tonio showed me some colourful panties and a photo he'd lifted off the Internet, and he said that the panties weren't his. And this was the sum total of evidence of her existence!

A less astute man may have fallen for it, however I know Sean. Sean has had an imaginary girlfriend for decades, also mysteriously called "Jen". One day he bribed his cleaner to make a brief exit (Tonio doesn't have a cleaner) and he even went so far as to pretend to marry her, or a women who looked like her. Sean is of course still single. So when Tonio showed me the panties and the photograph, I instantly knew something was up.

What Tonio has done to his flat - in the absence of a woman - I think is truly amazing. He's taken a simple are possibly rather nice French flat and converted it into a Man Cave. He's done this by storing large amounts of chip board in the kitchen and in the lounge he's made a feature out of a large bed frame, which he leans against the wall. And in the bathroom he's removed the lid from the toilet cistern, possibly for fly testing.

It was hard to see any evidence of a woman's touch at all really; dirty dishes were stacked in the sink, or just randomly left on the table. And there were clothes piled on the bathroom floor - all Tonio's clothes, apart from one pair of panties which he stole from a washing line.

I didn't say anything however, or give him any idea that I knew the truth. It's best not to.

Great seeing you again, Tonio! Looking forward to fishing together again in the summer :-))

This Saturday I'm in Germany demonstrating at Erich Brinkhoff's show, and on Sunday I give a course with Bernd. Maximum course number is 12; we do two groups of six, four hours with Bernd, four hours with me, and then we swap over. The cost is 100 Euros which is extremely good value!! (amazingly good in fact!) You can sign-up on Bernd's site, Hope to see you there for one or both days! Feel free to bring an imaginary girlfriend, all are welcome.


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