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Ronan's report

Saturday April 7th, 2007

Last week Bob said we're all certifiable. But if he thinks we're crazy fishing, think how nuts we'd all go without it. Denied nature...

cases of near terminal cabin fever would become an epidemic. Who knows what we might feel compelled to perform for entertainment. It's really in the public interest that we get out. Even if you maintain an aggrevation level someone who's quit smoking cold turkey, consider your friends... your family. Go fishing or at least casting. You know it's the right thing to do.

Since it's almost Easter, I decided to give myself a spontaneous baptism. When some guys get in the water, they walk in slowly in some masochistic fashion usually involving tiny steps and whining as the cold water slowly raises up to their balls. I'm generally more of a dive right in and get it over with type person, but wanting to understand the other side, I chose a similar approach. I drew up my waders, crept out into the spring flow, quickly scooped a few buckets worth of water into my waders, and enjoyed the lovely sensation of cold and wet slowly seeping toward my crotch. Exhilarating! Of course the water doesn't leak back out like it usually leaks in, what the hell is wrong with apparel designers?

But all in all, it was a good week. Went casting in the park a couple days in a row, got interviewed by the cops to see if I saw the murderer lurking nearby the day before, hit the river a couple times, went to the lake today, and made some good progress programming a top secret Sexyloops project. It's all about to happen!


Tomorrow: Bob with the Sunday sermon, be sure to attend and don't skip on the collection plate

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It's all about to happen...

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