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Ronan's report

Tuesday 26th January, 2010

This week's SLTV show is Episode 9: Three wheels on my wagon. We've heard back from the IFS who've checked out the algae, and fortunately it's not didymo. So that's good news. After what I've seen in NZ we definitely don't want to allow that stuff to take hold anywhere new.

Ronan and I still haven't worked out where we're going after we've returned to NZ. Only that it has to be warm and possibly saltwater, cheap once there and in getting there, and there has to be women - many women! These things become important after two months fishing the Highlands!

Following today's blazing fishing at Penstock, where we absolutely nailed the big fish, Ronan is busy tying his successful emerger fly for Fly Blog. This should appear in the next hour or so.

And finally it just leaves me to say, that having lived in mine for the last two years, this is the best fishing garment you can own.

Cheers, Paul

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