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Ronan's report

Wednesday August 9th, 2006
Versión en español

This is the mother of all questions. The most debated casting issue (together with practice on water or grass. The explanation that takes up more of our time and energy.
“Why do I need to cast long if I always fish below 10 yards?”
The question has been recently taken out from the best Spanish-speaking fly fishing board in the world (a real challenge for the future Spanish board on Sexyloops).
The problem lies in redefining what a long cast is for each individual. This is my try:

To cast long for most Spanish anglers is to throw the fly with some control and accuracy beyond 14 yards. If there's vegetation behind our back and a fish rises 12 yards away, to present our fly with a roll cast is a long cast. And if we have to cast off the opposite shoulder and the fish is eating 10 yards away, a long cast for many anglers, is to present the fly avoiding a tailing loop or an artistic shapeless heap of line. To mention just a few examples.

This is a good definition from one of the best fly-casters and fishermen in Spain, José Ramón Rodríguez (Psitrout):

“We cast far when we manage to present our fly some inches beyond our usual limits regularly"

Have a nice week.


PS It's my birthday today. I almost forgot.

Pic Of Day José Ramón Rodríguez

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