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Ronan's report

Wednesday 26th August, 2009

The Sexyloops FP is probably the greatest writing gig on the planet.

It's an assignment that requires you to think about flyfishing, and go fishing as much as possible. There is no format, no word count, and no forced topic. There are no kiss and tell articles, only Mystery River X. The readership is worldwide, and dedicated to the passion. Sometimes it's OK to F-up.

But the real reason it's the best writing gig out there is that it's 100% acceptable to run out of time and throw together a last second article (or miss one completely) on account of simply fishing too much with your friends.

So, that's my excuse this week.

Right now in the PNW, we're fishing summer steelhead on at least 10 different rivers, coho and pink salmon in the saltwater, pink salmon in the rivers, weird flounder from the beaches, little brook trout in alpine lakes, bass and carp on the warmwater rivers and lakes...

It doesn't get much better.

Fish On,

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