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Ronan's report

Wednesday 26 November, 2014

As a fulltime professional teacher and guide I am allways under pressure. It doesn't matter how many fish my clients catch in a day. Those clients fishing with me the day after usually can't avoid thinking about catching at least the same amount - often even one (or two) more!

Strange? No, that is how we humans are. We allways like to improve and get better. And then it's pretty obvious that in the end of the day catching fish is what we aim for in fly FISHing. I have been fly fishing with many people. Catching days allways left the brightest smile in our faces.

This actual (pike) season I wrote down some priorities:

- helping every single student catching at least one pike

- helping to improve fly casting and fly tying significally

- sharing my passion for fly fishing and making all FISHING days special

Yet, everyone caught some pike. We also had great evenings improving our tying skills. Fly casting mostly took place in the early morning (before we started fishing that was).

At the moment I am having 4 clients. Craig came over from Scotland for (mainly) a casting lesson. Remo came over from Switzerland to catch pike. As did Christian (Austria), who works as guide and fly casting teacher himself. And then David is located in Germany. So it's fair to say, we are an international group of pretty successfull fly fishermen. Pretty successfull? Yes, we caught pretty nice fish, which you may check in the pic of the day section. ;)

Am I still under pressure? Yes, of course. Tomorrow I will have a new client joing us. And he knows about how many fish we caught today.

You think it would and will always be wrong to have (catching) expectations for any fishing trip? I agree. But still it is hard to avoid having them for many anglers!?

Being under pressure is, when I work best. No doubt fly fishing is my life! So it is a very positive kind of pressure. Time to have a nap now. Our next FISHING day will start within 6 hours. Hopefully it will be as fantastic as it was today!?

May the pressure be with you! ;)


p.s.: If you are looking for a fantastic fishing for pike - there are still some days available in December.

p.p.s.: Paul is under pressure to hit more fishing days then Bernd in 2014. But I have to make him fail (again)! ;b

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