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Ronan's report

Saturday April 21st, 2007

Grats to Viking Lars for passing his FFF master's cert! And here we thought he'd been pillaging all winter. He's still off at the Danish Fly Festival, if you hurry you might be able to congratulate him too. He said he'll be buying the drinks afterward; be sure to ask.

He might have passed by accident or maybe intimidation (who wants to piss off a viking right?), but he'll probably say he practiced and studied. I'm skeptical. Where could he go if he wanted to ask a casting question anyway?

For selfish reasons, I'd like to get my CI this year; through I doubt I'll learn anything in the process. It's the fame and prestige really plus all the perks: the best tables in restaurants, the gifts from fans, cash endorsements, and of course the groupies and lascivious sex. Paparazzi I can live with as long as they don't follow me fishing.

Couldn't care less about passing on and teaching some good casting fundamentals. I'll just reguritate the same catchy phrases and fill their heads with bullshit tips and analogies no matter what their troubles are. That'll keep em frustrated for years and if they end up quitting, there'll be more fish for me. Can't wait.


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