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Ronan's report

Saturday April 17th 2010

So far 4 or 5 (short, albeit) trips to the river with no catch. I'm considering a day off from work to soend a whole day by the river while the fishing is still good and the fish are of an incredible average size.

I fish the River Varde - it's not very big - I rarely cast over 20m (if ever), but it's deep, very deep, and the current is slow and heavy in general. There are runs and riffles, places where the river narrows down creating a fresher current and so on, but generally slow, deep and a heavy current.

Add to that the fact that visibility is limited and you're in for a challenge. I really believe that you have to present a fly more or less in front of a salmon to provoke a take. I've been fishing sinkrate 2/4 shootingheads with sinkrate 6 and 7 polyleaders and sinkrate 6/7 shootingheads, and most places, I've kept cleat of the bottom.

Casting and swinging super fast sinking lines on a slowish river isn't increcibly interesting, but it's very challenging and different ways of manipulating the line and fly to add a little life and extra atttraction are needed.

I fish either a Black & Silver or a big, modern version of the Mickey Finn - depending on my mood :-).

Next week's PoD will be the modern version of the Mickey Finn - this week's is the traditional. It's strange with flies - I rarely see it in use in Denmark, and certainly almost never in its original dressing. I think it was the first fly I rreally liked, and it has stayed with me since the beginning. I use it mainly in the salt in its original dressing, but also when I occasionally fish a streamer for browns. My modern version is a great fly that has already taken salmon under different circumstances - but you'll have to hold your breath till next week.


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