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Ronan's report

Saturday 21st July, 2012

You may have the best rifle in the world, but if you're firing blanks you're going to struggle to pick up. Or something like that. Yep, my flybox got rooted tonight. The fish were on size 22 olives and the closest thing I had was a CDC size 22 Ant. Now come on, is it that hard to have half a dozen size 22 olives in your box? You would think not. But apparently for me it is.

I did of course plan to tie a bunch of CDCs this week. But it was completely impossible, not least because it's incredibly complicated to tie respectable size 22 CDCs by the light of a headlamp, for me anyway. And I had no time during the day.

I remember I used to tie flies all winter, by the truckload, and a couple of dozen every night, all season. Now it seems that I only tie flies when I get skunked, and enough to see me through the next rise and no more.

As the Stranglers said, "Something better change", and while they may not have been talking about the non-existent contents of my box, it equally applies. Maybe more so. From now on I tie every day.


~ Actually it's not Lars; it's Paul. Lars is fishing somewhere in Sweden.

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