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Ronan's report

Sunday February 18th, 2007

There is a certain amount of selfishness involved with our activity. Wamland's wife brought it to our attention. I know we spend our free time in places where we can become lost or injured, with a significant opportunity for death given the right conditions, something most of us take for granted. Some of us are prepared but still we take it for granted nothing bad will happen.

Recently here in the USA several people have died as a result of their circumstances. Choices they made of their on volition.

James Kim was on a trip with his family. He took a wrong turn and put his family at grave risk. Then he proceeded to sit on his ass for 9 days before making an attempt at walking out. It was found later that he was within a mile of a lodge that held plenty of food. He was also within 9 miles of the point he left the main highway he turned off. He had his wife and children to think of, while he sat there waiting to have someone else rescue him. He died in the snow in Washington barely a mile from his car, his wife breast feeding her children and burning the tires off their car.

A few days later on Mt Hood, 3 experienced climbers were on their way to the top when they had a problem. Now Mt. Hood is a walk up during the summer, meaning it doesn't require technical climbing equipment. In the Winter it's a different story. One of them dislocated a shoulder causing the other two to retreat down the mountain for help. By all reports the men were accomplished climbers and if anyone was going to make it off the mountain these guys would have.

The point of all this is to cause some thought about being responsible. These guys took risks, much like we do when we put in on a section of river, climbing through a gorge or wading around in the dark. But all of this caused risks for the rescuer. Oh fuck! Didn't think about that now did we? There are the rescuers to think about here. Now quite often they do this shit for the same reasons you do, the rush. The Adrenaline Rush. Of course some of them do this shit because they truly want to help people.


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