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Ronan's report

Sunday September 30th 2012

A lot of fly fisherman believe in their personal strategies to "match the hatch". To match the hatch means to offer an imitation of a hatching insect to the fish and force it (the fish) to strike.

In my experience it often (not always) is more about how to present the imitation than how the fly looks exactly. Anyway the best fly fisherman will always be aware of both these key factors in order to catch the fish.

Personally I believe that more often than many fly fisherman would think the fish does not take the fly based on mistaking it as potential food but based on many other possible reasons. I like to say: "Fish do not have hands, so they need to take the fly in their mouth to have an idea about what passes by."

Undoubtedly we can find some situations in which we know the fish may take our fly, but for sure does not want to eat it. This for example can be an Atlantic salmon which does not feed at all as soon as it returns into its home river for spawning. Or we may have a swarm of mullets (almost only feeding on oceanic plankton) suddenly attacking a streamer fly like crazy.

What do you think - do we mostly match the hatch or do we just fool the fish to take the fly into its mouth for many reasons but not mistaking it as imitated food?

I am hoping for some of your thoughts here.

Strong takes to all of you!


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