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Ronan's report

Saturday October 22nd 2011

Paul has a thread on the Board about what makes a good flyfisher.

The answers are many and involve probably ALL aspects needed to be a good flyfisher. Apart from my own stupid answer in that post, I think the most important one is in fact knowing your quarry. No matter how dedicated you are, no matter how well you cast, no matter how invisible you are, you'll never catch a fish if you don't know where they live, what they eat and how and when they feed etc.

Experience and time on the water will tech you a lot, if you have an open mind and eyes. A lucky strike on an odd fish will also teach you something once in a while (I for instance learned by coincidence that seatrout in freshwater like to sit in the low water on the inside of a bend during the night - I'd never fished the insides before, only the deep side and now I get a fish on the inside once in a while).

Time on the water is priceless and without comparison your best teacher, but don't underestimate books and the internet as a source for knowledge - and maybe even a shortcut here and there.

My old friend, Ken Hanley from the US, has a new website up with some small, free video-clips - one of which is about the importance of understanding your quarry. Check out the rest of his Media Library too.

Understanding your quarry and it's biology will keep you from fishing where there are no fish, presenting them with the wrong imitation (at the wrong depth), fishing for them at the wrong time etc. etc. etc.

So get to know your fish :-).

Have a great weekend!


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