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Ronan's report

Friday May 2nd, 2014

The very first Sexyloops page was a one-page advert for flyfishing instruction, flycasting instruction, guiding, and the smallest tackle shop in the world. That was September 1998. Six months and 100 or so visits later I decided to write some flycasting tips to see if I could generate a bit more interest in the site.

In July 1999, over a 10 day period I wrote the Flycasting Manual - although it wasn't called The Manual then, it was called "Flycasting Tips" - and was seven long pages. I remember quite clearly writing it and had a rod set up at the back door, so that I could go outside for a cast on a regular basis, as I tried to work out how to describe things and even what it was that I actually did!

Back then, there were only two resources of flycasting information on the Web, one was a site called Slowsnap, and the other was Sexyloops.

The flycasting tips remained at seven pages long until a chap called Steve Foster tried to buy a rod, line and reel combo for the saving offered and not for the discounted price, which I thought quite imaginative! Over the ensuing conversation he started working for Sexyloops. Steve was, without a doubt, a genius and so with two geniuses now working on the site, things happened very quickly . And one of the things that happened was that the seven flycasting tips pages got turned into 45 pages for search engine optimisation. There was no rewriting or additions involved however, and so The Manual as it stands now is pretty much untouched since it was first written almost 15 years ago.

Of course it's massively out of date now; terminology, some of the physics, even the names of some of the casts are a little bit wayward - but whichever way you look at it, that week of casting transformed my life: Sexyloops was recognised for it, my network of International friends developed from it and it became the starting point for a thoroughly exciting adventure!

This is the Flycasting Manual. And there is even a Spanish Version, courtesy of Carlos - which is another story in itself!


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