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Ronan's report

Wednesday 03 December, 2014

Last week three of my students caught their first fish (a pike) with a fly rod. And then I caught a pike of over 30 pounds! My girlfriend Marina caught her first pikes as well. We had fantastic evenings fly tying, and we also had some great shots on grass. Simply a week full of perfect moments. You all know what I am talking about. These special moments, which rest for quite a while in our heads.

Fair to say, I am currently a little overdozed. But yes, this kind of being overdozed is lengthening my life, I think!? Anyway I am a junkey and can't have enough of these moments.

During the past four days the air temperature significally dropped below ZERO Celsius. This usually results in no or at least pretty soft takes - talking about fly fishing for pike that is. And so it happend that one of my students did not catch a single pike within two days fishing with me. He has one day left now. Hopefully we will nail down at least one pike at the end of his line! Personally I think it will happen and this will be another great moment to share! I can't wait to get up in the morning and help to make it happen.

Yesterday we had ice in our rings. I am pretty sure Paul would love to be with us here now, too. Ok, Australia seems to be a fantastic place to fish as well ;). To me sharing these unforgettable (special) moments is what marks my best fishing days. And this happens all around the planet. It doesn't matter where I am fishing or what the temperature may be. What matters is, that those fishermen fishing next to me are able to share their fishing and becoming a team. This (to me) is the basement for all these fantastic moments. Midnight now and I have to get a rest and be in best shape in the morning. Man, I am on a mission! My student will catch his first pike!!!

Wishing all of you a great week and some fine moments as well.

All my best


p.s.: Safe trip to Malaysia, mate!

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