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Ronan's report

Monday 22nd March, 2010

Ronan and I are fishing Darwin, NT and have been here for about a week. We're fishing with Graeme Williams, who we met through John the Pom in Tasmania. Graeme's Northern Territories' only fly-only guide and he's been very kind to show us the ropes up here - because as many of you know saltwater fly is imaginary and therefore a very difficult game. "Your mind makes it real" is possibly the best piece of advice I can give you.

And unbelievably for once we've been doing well, catching Barramundi (Ronan had a 75cm one last week, but since deleted the card and so it doesn't count) as well as Tarpon (4-5Kg range, but still put up a stink), Queenfish and Threadfin and other Salmon. I also hooked a crocodile and a sea snake on consecutive casts, which I don't think has ever been done before.

Here's a short movie from Graeme's son!

So there's lots of action here. I'm currently writing this bumping around in the back of Graeme's Landcruiser while en route to Mystery Island X. We were up at 4am and it's now twenty past five - it's pitch black and I dunno, maybe 25 degrees C. It's not easy getting up so early; we've already had this problem when Ronan slept in on Saturday and we missed our 4.45 radio interview! We'll be going for the pre-record option now, which I think makes more sense anyway: Ronan's always had problems with early morning starts and trying to get anything sensible out of him is difficult even at the best of times.

Anyway, on to this week's show: "Big Fish Week" part 1 & part 2. I think you'll like this one, for not only do we get our rods confiscated by F&G, but Ronan catches almost all the big fish in one long dramatic dream sequence. It's been quite a year for big fish in NZ. I don't ever remember seeing so many huge ones.

Finally if you're under 18 or know an angler under 18 then these guys are running a survey.

Have a great week!


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