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Ronan's report

Saturday July 1th, 2006

Here it is! July! Months ago, it's seemed forever off, but somehow it snuck up on me! That means it's almost America Day. I guess it's Canada Day too for whatever that's worth.

But how can I be sure it's July, other than the fireworks thing and the Canadians staying up till 11pm?

Is it Hot? Check, been a kabillion degrees in the valley, and everyone's dragging their coolers for the highlands now. In fact, it's been so hot the hills have spontaneously burst into flame. I think I'll layoff on the fire thing. Hot and smokey... could be August though.

Are the rivers dropping? Umm... NO! At least not mine! (Thanks for the great site Steven) Listening to Lars, I'd need 5 pounds of lead to get down through this brown rush of water! OK OK the other rivers are dropping, just because Tahoe is full and spilling off water, snubbing my quick lunch and evening fishing in the process, I can't blame the month.

I guess it is July.


p.s. Between the last 2 frontpages Carlos has put up, I think I'd like to buy him for a week!

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