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Ronan's report

Sunday April 22nd 2012

Calm down. I'm not going all Sharon Stone on you. A soft focus glimpse up my trouser leg isn't that appealing.

However the film Basic Instinct does illustrate the point I was going to make: Taking things down to the lowest common denominator, like route-one football is often shamefully and instantly successful.

There's probably a completely useless, but strangely alluring fact somewhere saying that fish and humans share 90% of their DNA (I made that number up). The point being that most complex forms of life share (as well as loads of DNA) lots of similar basic instincts. Things like: Prioritising food, shelter, and sex over anything else; running from danger; and a strange fixation on tea and biscuits...

One thing fish and humans have in common is a fine eye for economic benefit. Fish will lock on to the food source that provides the best nutritional return for the lowest expenditure of energy. They'll ignore a big juicy March Brown sailing past five feet away if they can eat two Large Dark Olives without moving a fin.

A striped bass may ignore your fantastic 4/0 baby herring imitation rippling by in favour of a size 8 tiny bay anchovy slowly drifting with the current, if the real anchovies are shoaled nice and tight and going nowhere fast.

Despite feelings of superiority we're just the same. We respond to really basic stimuli. How many times have you bought a two-for-one deal even though you didn't need two? Fifty percent extra free? Let me at it. Would sir like fries with that? Oh okay. We're easy meat. And yes we'll ignore the fresh salad in the fridge next door if there's an open bag of crisps at the end of the sofa.

Don't tell me you're more sophisticated than that. I've seen it happen over and over again. Fallen for it myself.

Are we all just like fish in a river: noses pointing upstream, unblinking eyes watching the current like a conveyor belt; seeing if we can sniff out a bargain, filling our bellies without wagging a fin?z


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