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Ronan's report

Wednesday 1st February, 2012

I've been wading the flats for the last few weeks and Im learning a lot!

After a few trips around Auckland and having some great days catching Snapper and Kahawai, I have now relocated to Tauranga. The flats round here are relatively untouched by fly fisherman so it's going to be an exploration mission!

Tonight was fruitless on the fish front, the plan was to hook a landbased Kingie but my top secret plan went to poop when the Kingfish didn't show. Though hooking a fish isn't always required for an enjoyable day...

With the sun dropping behind the hills the wind fell away completely. The walk back across the sand flat was a long one. Something in the water caught my eye. A swirl built as I stared. The tip of a fin flicks out of the water. It's not a kingfish tail. Its dark, fleshy. Maybe it's the tip of a shark's fin. The image drifted past of a guy being towed around in his boat by a big Bronzie. I had witnessed this the day before. I nervously cross the next channel. I'll poke it in the eye with the butt of the 12wt. The bow wave follows me over. Now there's wing tips rising from the water.

Ray. It's a Ray... Steve-o...

I stand ankle deep and watched two more bow waves each with its own flapping wings. They're coming closer. Eagle rays.. cool. Wow they are really close. I better back off. One footstep and they explode from the water spooking back to the channel. I was shocked. They can really move when they need to. I turn the camera off and continue my way home.

There's another one. He's heading this way. I press record. This one's not so spooky. I walked with this one for quite a distance. A rod length away as we splash our way along the shallows. The water's gin clear. I can see him in HD. Spots and blotches. Eyes, nose to tail.

As he swings left, we part company..

Goodnight fella!


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