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Ronan's report

Sunday 14th July, 2013

There's a lot of FPs from me at the moment! I wasn't sure what to write about today, "The joys of being a bachelor" was one that sprung to mind, as I was cooking curry and changing the bed clothes, and then the natural progression from that, "Waves of Women" and why it is that women come in waves and troughs (it's because no woman wants to be with a loser, and when you have one or two of them, it starts off a wave). And then there was "Time Zone" which didn't logically follow on from "Waves of Women", but had more to do with the fact that last night I stayed up in the quest to become a morning person for the next couple of weeks.

But while these are obviously very important topics which, if not directly fly fishing related, are at least important to flyfishermen - and women - I do think that there is a more pressing page that needs writing and that is Fly Swap!

Every year for perhaps ten now, we've held the annual Sexyloops Fly Swap. Fly Tyers or is it Fly Tiers? Fly Dressers from around the world get together on the Sexyloops Board, commit to tying 25 flies (this time), post them to the current Fly Bitch (that's me) and I organise them so that everyone gets a full set and post them back - it's a nightmare! There are some amazing flytyers involved, and it's a great thing in which to take part. Personally I always fish the flies and try to learn from them. Others of course frame them - especially mine - and put them on the wall.

Traditionally we've always managed to miss the Swap date by a few months, and we have already done that this year, normally however the Swap is at least full by this time - which it's not at the moment, I think because we changed Boards over the New Year losing some momentum. However it does present a late opportunity to join in! If you're a current Board member, or a reader who would like to join, either email me, or else post on the Board here. You don't even have to be a good tyer - look at me!

I'll post some photos of the first few entries tomorrow. In the meantime you can find some more PoD archives, courtesy of Lena. Thanks Lena!


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