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Ronan's report

Sunday September 30th, 2007

It's spring in Unzud and the guys are getting ready for the new season. There's a good thread going on the board. Morsie and David are going over to the South Island in November and getting all excited and bitch slapping each other. Chris is insisting that we all use sparkly dubbing in our flies from now on. Paul is insisting that everybody use hackles on their dry flies. I'm insisting that everybody use only my patterns, which, of course, have no hackle. It's sure to end in tears.

This made me realise that I better get tying so I can hit the ground running when I get over to the South island in November. I have to tie up a shitwack of the flies I use for NZ streams. They're exactly the same patterns I use in western Canada and Scotland, anywhere really, but the trout are so big in NZ that you need stronger hooks. I've straightened a few hooks out in the small sizes (16) and want to find a good dry fly hook that will stand up to horsing a big fish. We use pretty strong tippets down there because nobody wants to wear out a big fish by pussying around with light tippets and soft hooks.

Don't pussy around. Bruce shows a fish who's boss.

And I want to improve my basic nymph selection this year. My nymph 'selection' is a Hare's Ear in three sizes. I'll try some of that sparkly stuff that Chris is talking about. Hell. I might even try some in my dry flies and emergers! No, hold on, that's just crazy talk. They'd be so deadly I'd have to stand behind a tree to tie one on to a leader.

And streamers. Woolly buggers to be more precise. Morsie put me onto Muz Wilson's Fuzzelbugger. Actually, he didn't really put me on to it so much as totally gub me with it last season. Teamed up with an Aqualux intermediate it was absolutely deadly. One day he landed nine trout in the same period I landed only one on a floater and beaded nymph. So it got my interest. This thing really works and I think it's actually an improvement on the good old Woolly Bugger. It's got that sparkly thing going for it, only the flash is really subtle, more like a glimmer. I'm going to incorporate the dubbing technique into my own buggers, which I tie a tad longer than Muz Wilson does - I like a slightly longer marabou tail on mine. I do like Muz's Hammerhead version though, tied with dumbbell eyes, clouser style. Wilson is one of those fly tying geniuses that nobody hears about because they aren't always online blowing their own horns, you know, like I do.


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