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Ronan's report

Thursday 29th May, 2014

The Sexyloops Vineyard (a mermaid in every bottle) is growing well this year. I lost six vines at the end of last summer due to the drought, but most of the ones that survived this year are growing strong. It's quite a lot of work - and I suspect much more to come. But I have this idea in mind that it will be nice in a few years, to have friends visit for the local fishing and then we'll open a bottle of Sexyloops Wine while watching the final rays of the sunset and discussing the day's great fishing moments.

I don't seem to have much free time during the day at the moment, certainly not enough for gardening! And so I've taken to work on the vineyard at night, with a headlamp for illumination. This has been pretty good because at the moment the nights are still too chilly for mosquitoes.

The list of things that need doing around Latohegy is getting smaller, although the list of things that need doing on Sexyloops is getting longer! Quite soon, all being well, I'll be catching a shit-load of Asp!


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