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Ronan's report

Sunday April 1st, 2007

Not exactly sure what this week's theme is. Lars seems to think it's still pets you can eat, but that topic was dealt with exhaustively last week by me at any rate. Maybe it's certification. Quite a number of the board members, for instance, are certified instructors in casting, and rank among the top fly rod honchos in the world. Well, one thing's for sure, this whole posse are certifiable. As loonies. Especially our 'leader', Mr Sexyloops, out there leading the charge. The question is, just where exactly is he leading us? Are we really sure we want to go there? Maybe it's enough if he just makes it back and tells us about it. Kind of like an astronaut or something.

There's a great passage in Tom McGuane's book The Longest Silence (essential reading for any fly fisher, by the way), where he describes a guy he meets on a stream carrying both a fly rod and a shotgun - because the trout and bird seasons overlapped by a few days and he just didn't want to miss anything.

Make no mistake; most of us here are pretty far gone. All the people I've met through Loops are what you have to call "hard core". Outwardly you'd never know it, because they seem to be normal in most respects. Most of us manage to keep up the charade of family life and civic responsibility to some extent. But just spend a few days with, say, Simon "Buddachu" Chu. I spent a week with him, Morsie, Carl and Jeannie, and I don't think I heard Simon say more than maybe ONE sentence about anything other than fishing. 24-7. I mean, gone. And just get Bumcast started on gear. Hello? Planet Earth calling. Morsie has the age and worldly experience to at least segue off occasionally into related topics like photography and music, but still, these guys are feckin certifiable. Jeannie is probably worse than any of them. She actually enjoys just listening to this shit. She says she finds the passion for the subject fascinating. So, you know, she's as nuts as any of them. And their obsession pales in comparison to the ubercaster's monk-like, um, 'lifestyle'.

Given how screwed up most everything else is in the world, I wouldn't say that the depth of looniness demonstrated around Loops is necessarily a bad thing. But no one is gonna convince me that it's not crazy.


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