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Ronan's report

Monday 30th January, 2012

Following another victory for flyfishing in the War of flyfishing vs women, Mr Sexyloops is well and truly back on the road. The adventure began last week when a simple forest drive turned into wheel breaking adventure. With no spare and no spares in Hungary, our intrepid hero was forced into buying four rims instead of one.

His sister, joining forces with him, flew to Spain armed with two new tyres. While waiting for him at the airport (Mr Sexyloops is never early, but rarely more than eight hours late) she sent this message: " Curiously am the only girl In panapolis cafe with two tyres".

With the help of Sexylooper Akos, the tyres were fitted and the "Destination Spain" adventure commenced, but not after first returning to Budapest to pick up Helen's iPhone which she had left at the airport. (Paul was later to discover that Helen has a real talent for losing things - her iPhone, passport and credit card were constantly in unknown places, to be found later always in the same hole in her bag; "I never know I've lost it until I start looking for it".

2000km and 33 cans of Red Bull later Helen - minus her Spanish map and sunglasses - and Mr Sexyloops crossed over into Spain. Just as the finishing line was in sights catastrophe befell and the rear tyre blew.

Now at this point, Paul would like to mention that the last time he slept in a gas station for two days was when he ran out of petrol and had to wait for an advertiser to pay, and it wasn't very long ago - and it's way better than sleeping in a swamp. So when the wheel unlocking nut broke it came of no great concern, "it may be Saturday morning Helen, which will mean we won't be able to get a replacement until Monday morning at the earliest, but at least we're not stuck in a swamp."

Helen never having been stuck in a swamp before made her way to a hotel, a sacrifice it should be said that Paul was willing to make too. However the Taxi driver soon put an end to any soft-cock thoughts such as a hot shower, real food, a bed - FFS - and hot Spanish women, when he pointed out that the car would most certainly be broken into by his return, and all his dirty washing stolen. "They'll probably steal the wheels too" "I doubt it".

And so that is where he is now. Casting in the carpark, tying flies on the bonnet and drinking the Hungarian Red Wine which he had prepared for just such an opportunity.

Love, Doris
(the Sexyloops cleaner)

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