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Ronan's report

Thursday October 26, 2006

Have you all seen it by now? Paul has broken two standing records within the British Flycasting Club. A stunning 130ft 9in with a TCR 590 and an XXD 5-wt line. And add to that a 135ft 6in with a 7-wt. Well done, Paul!

Now we know why you are The Fearless Leader (any man taking on this guy is reckless :-) of the Sexyloops gang :-)

Carrying on with Carlos' theme from yesterday, where he adviced the use of golf-tees to mark your distances when practicing, I'll add to that a little idea that I've picked up from a friend from Aalborg (danish city), George. At a set distance on the tape measure (either your "consistent" distance or one you're trying to reach/pass), George sets out a 6 feet long piece of either very green or very orange rope, perpendicular to the tape measure. If you use a highly visible piece of fluff it's suddenly very easy to see if you make the desired distance or not! It saves a lot of walking back and forth :-).

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Have a nice day,

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