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Ronan's report

Tuesday 26th July, 2011

This week I tied a pile of flies to match a pmd hatch that I knew would be happening along some of our rivers. As I was on my way out to the spot, I saw a gentleman with a bright green line and a dirty brown rod flailing away at the river. I drove across the bridge slowly, as I watched him fish. It looked like he was using a sinking line and was trying to cast well out into the centre of the pool. I had to bite my tongue as I could see fish rising literally under his rod less than 3 feet away. The rainbows were coming up aggressively in two foam lines on his side of the pool.

I did what I assume anybody would, and pulled over to chat. Of course, this was his first time fly fishing and he had an old rod and unknown line that someone had given him. I had a good chat and pointed out the fish. He didn't have many flies, and those he had were from a packaged kit from Walmart. They were all size 12 blue and red wet flies... they might work, but not here, not now.

As he didn't have a floating line, and the fish were rising less than a rod length away, I showed him that he could dap for the fish, without casting. Since he didn't have any dry flies I opened my box and passed him some that I though would work... of course I gave him all the ones I had tied for the pmd hatch, which he had unknowingly hit. By the end of the chat I was down a dozen flies, from pmd emergers to chubby chernobyls (when all else fails) and had hooked him up with info on how to contact the local flyfishing club for tips and casting practice.

I had stayed long enough that I didn't have time to fish the hatch myself. I did take a quick drive up to a small creek full of pure westslope cutthroat trout. The good karma paid out and I ended up catching some of the brightest little trout I've ever seen!

Always willing to ditch work to talk fish...

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