Here is an HT7 Instructor rod off to the USA. I always said that a 7WT was overkill for the exams and a 6WT was plenty, but it’s actually become one of my favourite rods! 🙂 It is the only rod that we have designed for the instructor exams in mind, but it is a tremendous streamer rod and generates very high line speed –and still has the Hot Torpedo feel of course. There are definitely times when it is my rod off choice over both the HT6 and HT8.

I really like these hot orange whippings, especially long term when the epoxy starts to discolour slightly they look so much better.

You can find more information about this particular rod here and all the Sexyloops rods here.

The big news this month is that we have finalised the HT905 design and are taking pre-orders in advance of the official launch in March. If you order this month you will still be able to take advantage of 2021 prices and have it in time for April. More on all of this next week. In the meantime you can order here alternatively drop me an email on There is more information on the HT5 on this page.

There will also be the Latohegy Osage Orange reel spacers option…

As always if you have any questions at all feel free to email me on And remember all rods come with a free one-hour Zoom video conferencing lesson!

Cheers, Paul

Doubling Up!

From my early days of fly fishing, as a student, I always doubled up on my rods. By this I meant that I always had an identical spare as back-up. This often came in very handy, particularly after I started travelling!

I’ve noticed that I’m not alone in this regards. It’s not uncommon for our customers to have two HT rods of the same line weight and length. Dirk for example has two HT10s. Chuan has two of just about everything 🙂

This is a Torzite-ringed HT7 which is the spare for the first HT7 for an MCI candidate in the States. Great stuff! Incidentally if you are up for a CI or MCI exam, and own any HT rod, then do let me know because I regularly go through the exam theory via email. It’s always good to bounce ideas off someone, especially if that someone is me 🙂

You can read more about the Sexyloops rods here: and email me on any questions!

Pro7 Streamer Rod to NZ

Here is our latest rod to ship this week. It’s a HT7 with a spare tip for accidents! We can send you a spare tip at the time of order when requested. This is a great idea if you are fishing in the wilderness.

Drop me an email on to find out more! We build in UK and we can also build in the EU if required. This is a cracking rod and is the one I use for my casting training nowadays. I would be tempted to use it as my go-to backcountry nymphing rod. 🙂

Frog Feeders

A bit of feedback here… cracking fish!

Gday Paul,
The HT6 is loving the frog feeders down here in Tasmania. Every time I use this rod it amazes me more, I love it. Arrow straight shots to these fish, no problem. Putting the brakes on them to keep away from trouble, no problem. What can’t it do, I have no idea because I haven’t found it yet.Thanks again mate for introducing the world to the HT series of rods. Now where is that 5 wt…😂😂


The Anubis

Pretty stunning looking custom HT4 for Nick! Definitely not your normal 4WT that’s for sure, especially this one! 😀

Comes with a hook keeper and a spare rod tip (both special orders!).

The HT4 is one of my personal favourites. It took almost 5 years to develop (or something ridiculous like that) and many attempts. It’s my go-to Trout and Grayling rod, that punches well above its weight with the unique HT’s fast/feel action. Mine has landed 16lb Carp, 5KG Giant Gourami and 8lb Brown Trout. It doesn’t hold back!!


Here is some great feedback on the HT6 we have over in Texas…

Hey Paul!  Looks like the 7 weight should be here any day now.
I’ve really grown to love the 6 weight at this point – I went to the local fly shop and cast several other high-end rods and they just don’t really hold a candle to it.  Loop shape and line speed were so much better with the HT, and I was able to control everything in a way that the other rods just don’t really provide.

Always nice to hear! 😀 You can see the complete HT range here and of course feel free to drop me an email on

Cheers, Paul

News from the Sexyloops Workshop

A few builds on the go and some refurbishment projects completed. Stuntman Ronan who has performed a few stunts with his HT6, has had a section replaced and, because he’s a highly-regarded Stuntman, we are sending him a spare HT6 for his clients in NZ to use and abuse.

Piffen bought Tom’s HT10 and so we have changed the name on the rod. Unlike others, the guarantees we provide with Sexyloops HTs are not restricted to the original owner. That’s because we love our rods and want them to last for many MANY years!!! Taking off someone’s original name and replacing it with your own costs 20GBP plus shipping.

And finally we have sent an “abductor” rod tube label to Daniel the Abducted for his HT6 rod tube. Daniel writes…

What an incredible rod!!!

Really impressed. It’s amazing with any length of line.

Daniel the Abducted.

Have an awesome week! 😀 😀

Any questions? email me on Thanks!

Customised PRO7 with Black Recoils

A HT Pro7 off to join an HT6 in Texas for nailing Redfish and Speckled Trout! I have fond memories of fishing there with Rick Hartman and Bill Gammel.

I’m looking forward to seeing some big Redfish photos! If you are on a fly fishing adventure then check out the complete HT series here:

Remember all HT rods come with a free one-hour Zoom Casting lesson and we even have a user manual:!

If you have any questions then drop me an email on

Cheers, Paul

HT7 PRO with Torzites

We have a few of these in production at the moment. The HT7 is out latest production rod, below which I wouldn’t recommend Torzites however with the stiffness/weight ratio Titanium Torzites are quite fine on the HT7 and give outstanding shooting abilities.

This particular HT7 is off to West Coast USA for a CCI training for his MCI instructor exams. I offer to go through instructor theory with all HT owners and of course every rod sold at the moment comes with a free one-hour Zoom casting lesson from the back of the Battleship. The HT7 rod was in fact originally designed to nail the MCI test!

You can find out more about the HT7 and all the Sexyloops rods here:

Feel free to contact me on to ask any questions you may have.