Sean Geer

Life is a bit more exciting than it has been for a while! There are wriggly things in the water now. I can’t really remember when I last saw so many but it seems worth paying a bit more attention these days. I don’t want that pink stripy bastard by the rock next to mine stealing them all like he did last year! Although actually right now he seems quite a lot more interested in that other pink stripy bastard I’ve seen recently. They were doing some sort of… energetic playing-together thing the other day? It looked exhausting. I don’t know what that is but they certainly seem to like it.

So there I am today, just kind of doing my late morning paddle near my usual rock and trying not to let the PSBs disturb my peace and quiet. The wriggly things are waking up now and I’m keeping an eye out, but it’s still not quite time for them to be doing that weird dance where they disappear through the big silvery ceiling. That’s a bit odd but I quite like it – I get a lot more exercise chasing them up there than I do just hanging around by my rock. Maybe they’ll start doing that soon.

Anyway, today I was just sort of doodling around when one of those big blurry shapes appeared up there. I don’t normally pay them much attention but this one was holding an amazing stick. I mean, they pretty much all have sticks but this was a really good one. It had a kind of squiggly pattern on the thick bit of it that was much cooler than the usual stick patterns. And it was a longer squiggle, too. I don’t know what that means or if it’s important, but it’s nice to see something different instead of that really short, boring squiggle that lots of the sticks seem to have.

Sometimes when the sticks wave around they do a sort of flashy thing, which I don’t like and I have to go and hang around behind the rock for a while. There was no flashy-flashy with this one, though, so I just stayed where I was and attacked a couple of wrigglers. And guess what! A couple of minutes later this really nice-looking fluffy thing appeared in the hole in my ceiling, so I attacked that too.

The next bit is all a bit of a blur but the bit after that was okay. I am back behind my rock now and the PSBs have gone somewhere else for a bit. I don’t know why but I think I might avoid the nice squiggle next time. We’ll see.

Rock appears courtesy of the Cressbrook & Litton Flyfishing Club, Upperdale, Derbyshire Wye.

Really nice fluffy thing by David Marriott.

Pink Stripy Bastard is a registered trademark of Fishmail International Conglomerates. All rights reserved.

Several wriggly things were harmed in the making of this story.

How I got there – Steve Henderson

“How I ended up with Sexyloops HT pro

My name is Steve and I was born in Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom. I spent most of my childhood getting up to the usual mischief like most kids but at the age of 14 we moved to another part of Tyne and Wear where my passion for fishing began.

One day when I was collecting conkers at nearby woodland close to the river Tyne, I met an old local fisherman who was a tall guy with a shock of grey-white hair. He was a bit of a loner that spoke to everyone politely but never seemed to get involved with anyone personally. The locals called him the “big white hunter”.

He was fishing and I always remember he was killing a fish as I walked up to him, I was intrigued and I began a lengthy questioning session that he was very obliged to answer. He told me that if I wanted to see all his fishing gear I could go to his home and see it. (I know this day and age the poor bloke would have been arrested for suggesting that) I went to his home that very night and learnt that his name was really Bob and he was an ex joiner living with his wife in a quaint little bungalow.

He showed me numerous rods and reels and explained about their uses and how he fished with them. Then he opened a cupboard in his kitchen. He produced this beautiful split cane fly rod along with some more modern fibre glass fly rods, Bob told me he could sell me a set up very cheap to get me started fishing and I could pay a little each week, so I quickly ran home and asked if I could buy a set up from Bob, At that time money was tight with my family but with lots of moaning and manipulative words I was told at home, yes you can have the fishing gear but, I had to pay for it myself with my paper round money.

I was over the moon as it felt like all my Christmas’s had come at once, so I quickly told Bob that all systems were go and he said he would pop round, meet my family and bring some gear. About a day or two later I was the proud owner of a spinning rod and reel along with a fibre glass fly rod and reel.

I took every opportunity to go fishing I could and fished alongside Bob when I was off school using the spinning rod for float fishing and ledgering as well. By this time I was hooked with fishing and the better I became the more I needed to be out on the water, with my addiction for fishing grew my schooling began to suffer. At this stage, I would rather go out by myself fishing than go to school. I did not see much of Bob at this time as he was ill and could not get out, but when I went to visit he always used to tell me “go to school, the fish will be there at the weekend” but I couldn’t help it, I had to catch more fish!

Things took a turn for the worst when the school caught me after they notified my mother I was hardly attending. At that point, I suppose I went off the rails and mistakenly I prioritised fishing above education. I was nearly 16 and counting the days down so I could be free of school and get on with my passion that was fishing. At this time I had been fishing regularly for 2 years and began a job delivering milk so I had an income to fund my fishing needs as I started acquiring more tackle.

I must admit by sitting and watching waters in different conditions I learned a lot about fish and their habits and I began to be able to fish confidently and lost the unsurety of methods and the right tackle to use. I could get good bags of fish on most outings. 

Since leaving school, I have had numerous jobs and a lot of them have been self-employed ventures from buying and selling second hand goods to pest control. In the 80’s, I met the love of my life that is Tracie, my wife, who stands by me and is supportive regarding my fishing.

In my early 20’s began to concentrate more on fly fishing and started fishing a lot of reservoirs and still waters for trout as opposed to spinning and bait fishing on Rivers. I soon learned what waters produced good fishing and the waters that could produce a blank or the odd fish on the best of days. I have dabbled with other types of fishing in my time ranging from sea, boat and shore also coarse fishing but catching trout on the fly is my favourite method that still has me hooked.

My main interest always has – and I suspect always will – be fly fishing, I still learn and gain knowledge on every fishing trip I encounter, although every day still feels as exciting as my first trip out all them years ago.

Recently I met a great bloke called Bryan due to social media and he also works in a tackle shop I visit, his knowledge excelled me but made perfect sense. We will keep Bryan anonymous but then in his ultimate wisdom he showed me a rod one night when I was visiting him at home. It said Sexyloops on the tube and blank which made no difference to me than a Shakespeare rod or a Hardy. I did however need to listen to this man as he is no fool when it comes to fly fishing.

He explained the ability of all the sexyloops brands in full and told me of the advantages and disadvantages they could make in the situations I fish.

Now then I must say at this stage in my life I fish small still waters and large reservoirs so I wanted an all round rod, My normal choice was a 10ft 7 weight made by another leading rod maker which I thought was impossible to beat in its class.

Bryan told me to try a Hot Torpedo Pro in a 9ft 6weight, Now normally I would have declined on a rod maker I have never heard of but Bryan is no mug and he knows the best from the so called best.

He put me in contact with Paul who by the way is a nice down to earth man who all the way through the transaction kept me well informed and I got one, personalised with a hook keeper and my name clearly written on the rod, built in the UK by a great man who builds rods for Paul called “Lee”.

Now then I broke all the rules in the book next and I suspect Paul and Bryan will hate this bit, I test casted it with a 7 weight line, but mind you on the grass it flew out. On the same day of delivery I went to a shop where Bryan works and also took the advice of Paul and went for a Rio Gold line in a 6 weight. LOL.

I was thinking ”I am used to a heavy line so this will be crap” .
I loaded a reel and tried the rod the next day. All I can say Is WOW, after all these years I have learned a big thing: LINE MUST MEET AFTMA! This rod with the correct line on it casts and preforms as good and if not better than all the others I have.

I went out the following day on a local reservoir and produced over 20 fish and some nice whoppers.
One thing Bryan and Paul never told me was that this rod comes into its own with a decent fish on it. They are a pleasure to use and nice in the hand.

I am now 54 years old and this has been one of the biggest learning curves in my life. I can now honestly say your never too old to learn and take advice. Sexyloops where were you when I needed you in my teens?  haha

I can conclude this by saying it is great to get out there and catch that trout BUT beware to all newcomers to this game, it can get a hold on you and become so addictive it may well rule your life as it has mine. But please buy the right tackle and especially a rod and line this is the difference between pleasure and pain.


The Life of a HT 6 Entry 1. Brown Trout By Tim Kempton

I am no 16 HT 6. I am owned by Tim Kempton from Brisbane Australia who has the 4,6,8,10 series and now 12 HT for brutal testing.  I am privileged because I have caught four trophy species in three months.  I have entered the HT6 Trophy Challenge ..four trophy fish in four months

Trophy 1. Brown trout

In January 2091 I went to New Zealand and fished the Ngongotaha which flows into Lake Rotorua in New Zealand. Lake Rotorua is a shallow lake, and during summer the 20m depth  temperatures can rise to above 21C.  The fish then move into the cold water streams,. The Ngongotaha is a narrow stream, covered in trees and blackberry bushes.  Overhead and roll casting is nearly impossible and so we had to wade the steam and sneak up behind the fish to within two rod lengths to cast a hopper using the bow and arrow cast. Accuracy was paramount.  Place the hopper within 200 cm in front of the fish to force the trout make a decision and take the fly. Then all hell breaks loose the mainly brown trout are 8-15lb and go ballistic.  I was fitted with a WF6F Rio Gold flyline, and a 20lb leader. There was no finesse..this was not gentleman trout fishing with a fly rod…this was warfare.  Last year a very large brown trout (est 15lb) ran under a log and bent my tip double…it smashed my top section…so I had a trip back to England for repairs…at least I got a window seat.  This year I landed at least 8 big trout, the biggest 85cm and well over 10lb…real stonkers.


  • Casting.                                              Bow and Arrow
  • Fish on the reel.                               0 (no time).
  • Fight time                                          20secs.
  • Chance of getting broken:            70%
  • Adrenalin factor :                             95%

HTO Competition 2019 – these are the Rules.


Sexyloops Hot Torpedo Owners’ Competition 2019

For this year’s highly anticipated HT competition we want to hear stories from your Hot Torpedo!!! What it’s been up to, tales of trophy fish, big casts, heroic moments – anything goes. Every rod has a story to tell!

Best monthly story wins a custom Sexyloops T-Shirt of your design – you provide the fish photo and we will do the rest. All entries will go through to the grand final and of course…

Overall Best Entry for 2019 wins a brand new custom-built Hot Torpedo Fly Rod of your choice!!

Please send your rod entries to

Good luck!!!

May 2019

Entry 1: HT6-16 Tim Kempton
Entry 2: Steve Henderson
Entry 3: Sean Geer
There is no 4: HT6 No4
Entry 5: Zuie’s Storm
Entry 6: Steven’s ex-sexy six
Entry 7: Mika the Legend
Entry 8: Out of the Box – Michal

Monthly Winner: Michal Duzynski!

June 2019

Entry 1: The Story of HT6-16
Entry 2:COMP5 123 – Mike Duzynski
Entry 3: Piffen’s HT6


Custom work included!

An HT6 hot of the rack. Remember all custom work is included in your price. Your name can be added (we use a slide decal), different rings, whipping colours, change of grip. This HT6 has a hook keeper ring! I may be mistaken but I believe that this is the only Hot Torpedo with a keeper ring! We don’t fit them as standard but you only need to ask 😀

The finest cork money can buy!

A drawer full of Hot Torpedo cork back at the UK Sexyloops workshop. Contrary to what you may believe, it is still possible to acquire excellent cork grips! And we do fit the best.

How can we afford to do this when the big companies can’t? It’s because we are the retailer as well as the manufacturer. This allows us to build you a far more expensive rod for the same top end price. We could have made a “same quality as everyone else rod” but for a cheaper price  but I didn’t want to do that. It’s much more interesting to try to make the best!

It’s not just cork of course, but the highest quality carbon blanks, titanium framed stripping guides, Recoils, Torzites or H&H rings, Rec Components fittings and rod tubes and incredible workmanship, hand-built by my colleague and outstanding rod builder, Lee Martell in Hastings.

Reel seat spacers, machined and anodised in the UK.

The only comparison that you can make between Sage, Scott and Loomis – all excellent companies and all of which I’ve been involved with in the past (for one thing, I’ve demonstrated with all three companies’ rods over the past 25 years)… the only comparison you can make is a similar USD selling price. Quality wise they can’t afford to match us.

But where we are truly different, in my opinion, is that we have better blanks. But hey that’s the bit I do, so I would think that! 😀 I’m not going to design a blank that I think is worse am I?!

You can see all of our rods here .

Incidentally I’ve almost finalised the 7’6 3/4WT. I have two rods to take jungle fishing for Mahseer shortly.  Only Sexyloops rods are designed in the field where the tester may get eaten by a tiger! Those are the lengths we go to to bring you a better rod. 😀

Cheers, Paul

The Stoatstail!

It’s great to see a rod with this decal!

I’m flat out this week but next week I shall be starting the 2019 HT competition. This time I want to hear your rod/s story from the point of view of your rod!!! Stu Tripney had an entry like this in last competition and so now we would like to hear from the other rods out there!

Thanks, Paul