HT4 to Tas

I don’t like to say I have a favourite, but if I did have one, then this would be it! I think it’s right at the limits of what is possible to accomplish in a carbon 9’ 4WT. But that’s me 🙂


Really nice custom work as usual from our master craftsman Lee. (Lee has a beard too by the way; you would expect that from us. His is more “Lord of the Rings”). I like the red trims (rod, not Lee, although actually…).

This rod has been well on its way for some time actually, and I’m looking forward to meeting Jason for a Zoom Casting meet. That’s always fun! And if life goes to plan then Ashly and I should be back in Tassie again next January.

And let me tell you, the HT4 is my goto Trout Rod for just about everything, especially down there!

We are flat out at the moment. I have three more exciting recent rod builds to post here, and Lee is in a rod building frenzy. That’s how we like it.

More on the HT4 here. Email me on or WhatsApp me on +60198549552 for any questions you may have, or to quickly place an order.


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