The HT5

One of our latest rods. The HT5. This one went to Wales, for an Australian, living in Africa :)) A tremendous rod that took me an extraordinary amount of time to finish. I’m always accusing others of being perfectionists. It turns out I am not immune to the disease either!

Still, I’m not the only perfectionist at Sexyloops and it appears that Lee is another :)) We are a little backed up with orders at the moment. This is partly because we have rather a lot of orders on the go but also because Lee was unhappy with one of the builds recently (perhaps a thread wrap wasn’t perfectly laid) and he stripped the rod and started again.

Remember every rod at the moment has a 1 in 666 chance of winning a fully paid two-week saltwater fly fishing adventure with me. And of course each rod comes with a one-hour Zoom casting session as standard.

More details on the HT5 can be found here. To order or for more information please email me on or WhatsApp me on +60198549552

Cheers, Paul