HT PRO 9ft 4wt

Ht pro 9ft 4wt




This is the rod best suited for when you are casting small dries and lightly weighted nymphs from size #22 to #14 on fine tippets down to as thin as 7X/.10mm. It excels in small stream situations where razor tight loops are essential, but equally it is at home for light stillwater applications where the four-weight line sensitivity is a real plus, such as when fishing buzzers. While the tip is sensitive enough to fish fine tippets, the butt has plenty of reserve stiffness for throwing long searching stillwater bank-fishing casts. Recommended line is a DT4.


9ft 4-piece 4-wt rod.
Matt stealth finish. 
Finest Portugese cork.
REC Recoils, Titanium Stripping Guide
Sexyloops tube and sock.

Paul's Comments

This has become my go-to trout rod for any trout situation where I don't expect to be casting large tungsten flies. I particularly like the combination of fine tip and strong butt. It seems to me to be the very best of both worlds. The rod has a matt finish which I find very important. The ability to make relatively long casts with such a light line has benefited my stillwater fishing in particular. This rod was originally designed with river trout and grayling fishing in mind.

995 USD