Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Paul Arden | Thursday, 3 April 2014

If you are dissatisfied with any of our products for any reason (which we sincerely hope you won't be!) then please return immediately in unused condition for a prompt refund. These are your basic statutory rights. We aim to please however, so anything we can do to make you happy please let us know and we will try to go the extra mile for you. We understand that the best businesses are built on excellent customer service.


We don't offer unconditional lifetime guarantees. Rod breakages are unlikely to be a manufacturing error unless they occur in the first few casts! We will of course replace manufacturing errors for free. Other breakages - goldheads, clousers, car doors, your partner sawing your rod into 30 pieces because you forgot your wedding anniversary - will all be fixed for a very reasonable fee... forever. 


We will rebuild on a new section, any of the top three pieces for 50 GBP plus shipping. We will rebuild a new butt section for 80 GBP. This is on a par with many manufacturers "life time guarantees" with "handling charges".


Please contact me, Paul Arden, for arranging replacement sections. Tip sections can generally be sent out, other sections need to be manufactered to fit the rod - so we need it back! Tip sections can generally be replaced within the week. Other sections that are manufactered to fit generally have a three week return.


Thanks - paul@sexyloops.com