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The Big Wet

Monday, 26 October 2020

Here in the Malaysian Belum-Temenggor rainforest the Wet Season runs from November through January on a typical year and it pours down!! I’ve seen the lake rise 1 metre in 24 hrs and from the beginning to the end of the Wet Season there can be a 10m lake level rise. But that doesn’t mean it’s raining all the time. Usually it rains in the mid or late afternoon through until next morning. Sometimes, however, it does rain non-stop for a week!

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One Fly To Rule Them All

Tuesday, 27 October 2020

The weather is cooling off a bit and I'm turning my eye on the seabass again. They're around most of the year but fishing is better in the cooler months and inshore areas around Tokyo in summer aren't that pleasant with the humidity anyway.

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Competition Fly Casting

Wednesday, 28 October 2020

A fill-in from me today; Bernd may be going into another total lockdown in Germany next week and is trying to organise some business for this week. So if you want to fish with one of the best anglers and instructors I know, and if it possible for you to get to see him, then be sure to get in touch.

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Early WInter

Thursday, 29 October 2020

Years ago I used to have a long distance relationship with a Dominican girl that lived in New Jersey. After about a year, we came to a point in the relationship where it was apparent that for the things to progress, one of us would have to make a geographic move to be closer to the other. Unfortunately she was unable to relocate due to the shared custody of a child with a former spouse. In one of my more colorful "filter-less" moments, I informed her that there was no way I was relocating to New Jersey where for 4-6 months out the year it was what I would consider to be a "frigid hell". She was a lovely person, but there's no amount of "lovely" that can take the place of a borderline tropical climate where you can fly fish for Redfish in shorts in January.....needless to say I am NOT married to a Dominican girl from New Jersey.

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loose wrist

Friday, 30 October 2020

We got two trainees from France last Sunday. I missed my FP last week, lot of snow and some reindeer work. From Monday it has been raining until this morning. So all the snow is gone and it could be even fishing day coming up. Water levels are really high almost like in spring. We see how it will go.

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A tip for the tying bench III

Saturday, 24 October 2020

Last month I mentioned the Dalby Fly Tools "Glue Foot" in a front page. The "Glue Foot" is a precision machined magnetic foot that fits Zapa-A-Gap glue bottle (and probably more brands with similarly shaped bottles). Precision machining gives a tight fit and the stainless steel foot and magnetic bottom goes a very long way to help prevent tipping over your glue bottles.

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PULD Challenge

Sunday, 25 October 2020

Despite the lack of competitions this year, due to the Covid situation, I’ve been continuing to practice my distance casting (as well as my all round casting I should add). With not having many specific events to train for this year, e.g. the BFCC season, the world championships, the Game Fair etc. all of which were cancelled, I’ve had the time to rebuild my casting stroke particularly my #5 weight distance one.
Looking back now I can see that I plateaued in trout distance some time back. At the only BFCC competition of the year, Devon in March before Covid got a hold in the UK, I did ok but still came away thinking that it was a missed opportunity to do much better. Sure, there was the excuse that the field we were casting in was a mud-bath which hampered body weight movement, gripped the lines and coated the rod rings in red clay soil. However, there was a good wind and I couldn’t help thinking about how far a truly great caster would have chucked on the same day.

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Ronan's Report

Some of the Biggest Trout on Earth!

Last winter we had a little treat! Fish & Game opened a river to anglers to fish for monster rainbows on their spawning run. These fish reach incredible sizes from living in a man made canal system. Like a giant spring creek, the canals have a constant flow and they’re always cool. Perfect for trout […]

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