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The HT10 PRO

It's a waterproof hammock...


Paul Arden fishing a popper on the HT8



Are you ready for the explosive 4-weight?

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FP Archive

Ray Scott

Monday, 16 May 2022

“I didn’t invent catch and release, but we did make it popular in bass fishing, and that changed the sport in so many ways. We preached that a bass is too valuable to be caught only once. We helped fishermen learn how great it felt to catch a 5- or 6-pound bass and then lean over and let it go and watch it swim away, hopefully to be caught again.”

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Fishing with Mika and Satu

Tuesday, 17 May 2022

It’s great, having our good friends from Finland, Mika and Satu, over for a couple of weeks with us here in Malaysia. So far, at the time of writing this, no fish have been caught!! Satu has been close; she had one Snakehead eat and two other Snakehead chases. Tomorrow (today, when this goes live!) I certainly hope that Mika will have landed a fish because that will just make life very much easier for him. If Mika catches just one decent-sized Snakehead for the week, then that is the achievement we are hunting and I will be over the moon. If he can catch one tomorrow then maybe he will stick a few more as well!!

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Fishmail… blast from the past

Wednesday, 18 May 2022

For more recent Sexyloops readers I thought today I would share a blast from the past when my good friend Six-Pound “he’s no vicar” Sean wrote for Sexyloops with his Fishmail column. Sean can actually write and is paid to do so (not by me of course! :))) and I have always thoroughly enjoyed his musings.

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Form Over Function?

Thursday, 19 May 2022

A lot of my fishing here is for smallmouth bass, I really like them and have a pretty decent success rate and often outfish conventional anglers I see on the rivers. Largemouth bass are a different story though. I do catch them, but not in the numbers I'd like and I'm certainly no threat to the gear guys. With largemouth being so popular pressure is an issue here, but I used to catch more largmouth with conventional gear than I ever have on fly.

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fuck up at all fuck ups (part one)

Friday, 20 May 2022

We arrived Thursday night, well it was Friday all ready, Paul and Ashly kindly pick us up from Penang airport. Night over at house in Gerik, few beers, taste of jungle juice and sleep.

In the morning some shopping, gasoline, stop by on welding place. They kindly offered jungle juice and I had in the evening and for breakfast so I thought why not. You need to be polite for people. When driving to boat started to feel... not well. They made jungle juice with mountain dew, and I really dislike mountain dew, so that had to be reason. Paul got us to the battleship and went to pick up Ashly and rest of the stuff. I had to get some sleep.

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Preparing materials

Saturday, 14 May 2022

I have been tying some salmon flies for a friend. He travels 6-7 weeks every year in Norway, so he needs an assortment of different flies. I’ve been busy, the season is approaching and I’ve been brilliant enough to tie the season-opener-flies last. It looks like it’s going to be either a really serious flood or cold, murky water, so big, black tube flies is his order.

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Don't drink the water

Sunday, 15 May 2022

Fishing on the Welsh river Dee is one of my favourite activities. If I could, I would fish several times a week. It’s not just the chance of catching a beautiful brown trout, but the wildlife that you might see, kingfishers for example are fairly common sight. It’s also the times you catch up with another angler that you haven’t seen for a while. However besides the ‘pros’, there are some ‘cons’ of fishing the Dee, or most rivers in the UK today. Sadly James succumbed to one of these ‘cons’ and spent last week (unfortunately his birthday week) feeling pretty grim, not eating and not wanting to be more than 30ft from the nearest toilet.

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Ronan's Report

Clearing The Decks!

Just a quick blog today to clear the decks. I had a busy and very successful season finale with some brilliant and big trout for clients. Before I get to that I’d like to share the rest of the seasons highlights. It’s a while since I put up a blog so some of these photos […]

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