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Fishing the jungle rivers

Monday, 20 January 2020

Last year I started inquiring about a couple of things here on the lake; namely how to dispose of septic waste in an environmentally friendly way and also about an idea I had about giving a percentage of earnings off the lake to local causes such as “save the tigers” - a bit like Patagonia do with “1 (or 2%) for the planet”. As a result of those talks, I discovered that there is a river in the National Park that has been closed to fishing for some years but there is interest to open it as a sports fishery project with the Orang Asli peoples, mainly for the Red Mahseer that are local here. I’ve just spent my first two days fishing this river...

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Best Laid Plans

Tuesday, 21 January 2020

My year end trip for 2019 was to a new-to-me river in Nagano prefecture. My mate Hiromiki, who came to Okinawa for his first saltwater trip with us in the summer invited me to join him and Igarashi-San for 3 days on the Sai river which has a good head of very nice wild browns and rainbows from stockings some decades ago.

I rarely fish for trout in Japan as I find it hard to pass by the carp, bass and snakehead that surround me. However, I was pretty excited to get away from Tokyo and fish in some nicer natural surroundings, with (I hoped) less fishing pressure and, of course, the fish. Fishing pressure in Japan is incredible, it's really hard to get just how much there is across to people who haven't fished here, but I hoped that the 3 hour drive would make a difference.

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The converted

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Although I focused much more on smallmouth bass than normal this year - which will be the subject of my next FP- I'm still a massive fan of carp and like nothing more than turning trout anglers to the mud bones, and I had a good chance to play Palpatine at the start of the Christmas holidays. A couple of weeks ago at the club night out, I met Antonin from Switzerland. He's new to Japan, having just moved from Hong Kong where he'd been fishing for snakehead and tilapia, so a prime candidate to become a carp bum.

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Planning for 2020

Thursday, 16 January 2020

It’s about now that I start planning the casting events for the BFCC for the year. During 2020 I need to deconflict with a number of other activities including the UK Fly Casting Championship in June and the World’s in September. There are also other casting events that we might attend such as Bart’s meetings in Holland, the EWF and of course the Sexyloops gathering in Bosnia in September after the World’s.

We have already set the date for the first BFCC Meeting in Cullompton CC, Devon on Sunday 8th March. I also have the dates for the two shows we support, Sportfish in May and the Game Fair in July. However I have to wait to set up many of the other Meeting dates until the cricket and rugby clubs that we use as venues have set their fixtures; this normally happens in late January.

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more you know less you understand

Friday, 17 January 2020

It seems to be more or less like that. More you know, less you understand. It seems to be like that at least with two things, fishing (cracking the code) and woman’s logic. I know that someone might be offended but I often think that it is more how you read than what it is written. About woman’s logic I have bet with my friend, it has been going 20 years now. Winner will get dinner etc from looser. I don’t think either of us will have that, same go with cracking the code or fishing anyway.

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Saturday, 18 January 2020

I love dry fly fishing of all kinds, and O *do* all kinds of dry fly fishing. I fish poppers for pike. I fish big foam flies for sea trout and I fish #22 midges for grayling. I’m certain that for most dry fly fishers it’s the visible aspect of it that makes it exciting, and it is for me too. There’s just nothing like seeing a trout rise slowly and confidently to sip down a dry fly, or a pike attack a popping popper with the intention to kill in the strike.

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Sunday, 19 January 2020

Nobody harder.
---Cameron Hanes

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Ronan's Report

Mad Weather and Big Trout!

I compiled this guiding gallery a couple of weeks ago now. Loads has happened since and it’s pushing the contents of this gallery to the side, which of course it shouldn’t because there were some excellent days on the water which I have accounted for here, but I really want to clear the decks now […]

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