HT6 to USA

A rod that was sent last week to the US. We actually had this one in stock, so it sometimes happens! About one in ten HT6s are built with a Full Wells and fighting butt.

Lots of builds on the go at the moment. We are currently out of HT6 blanks but they should be arriving this week. If you would like to find out more about this or any other Sexyloops rod then please email me on (please check your filter because sometimes my address is like our rods; too sexy!) or WhatsApp me on +60198549552

Cheers, Paul

HTs in Belize

Some beautiful photos from Taylor who was fishing with his father in Belize last week. We all met for a Zoom casting session beforehand. Taylor practices his casting from the top of a small step ladder to simulate the casting height of fishing off the front of a skiff. An outstanding caster!!

HT8 and HT10s in action 😀

Always great to see HTs in action. Please send me your pictures too 😀 😀

HT8 heading out!

HT8 and HT10 for Taylor in New York. The 10 is not pictured because it’s one of our standard builds. Actually that was Taylor’s second HT10 blank since he has the Comp5 V2 already. Which is all great!!

I already have an HT10 (comp v2) and love it of course.  Even my father, who is a “gear curmudgeon”, raves about it!  The torzite titanium guides are awesome, any thoughts on putting them on the HT8?

– Yes quite a few have put the Torzites on the HT8 and all the reports back have been fantastic. We have even put them on the 7.

(was my reply!).

And I think it’s a really great option. The HT8 is my go-to Giant Snakehead rod in Malaysia and I wish mine had Torzites. Next time I will have Torzites because they definitely assist in shooting line.

Drop me an email to find out about customising options for your magic Hot Torpedo!

Cheers, Paul

More HT8 info here –


Cracking Fish

Stuntman Ronan with an outstanding fish on the HT6. It appears to be a pretty intensive buzzer hatch!

Always good to see what’s going on with the Hot Torpedos and Ronan!

If you are looking for a guide in NZ then Ronan is your man. And if your flight takes you via Singapore or Kuala Lumpur then you can visit me too!

HT7 to NZ

This is another of Stuntman Ronan’s lineups. Where the 7 definitely outperforms the 6 is for deadly streamer bashing. But something I’ve been thinking about for a while, and I know it’s what Ronan is thinking about too, is its use for backcountry NZ trout. There is certainly a “gear change” between these two rods and in some backcountry situations I think the 7 would be a better tool for the job.

As you can see, the Stuntman favours snake rings and a spare tip. This is for when he is being lowered over the side of a cliff attached to a tow rope, leaping over to trees to slide down like a fireman or climbing high vantage points and blowing himself up in the process. You too can order such a rod if you are a daredevil fly fisherman or just nuts.

As always drop me an email on for any questions you may have!

Cheers, Paul



Dangerous Duo

Mystery River X in New Zealand… Stuntman Ronan writes, “Guiding Bill for a couple of days. He brought his HT6 and I used mine as the streamer rod.. The fish had no chance!”

Wonderful photos and fish 🙂 Both of these things come highly recommended; Stuntman Ronan and Hot Torpedos!

If you have photos of your HT in action then please send them in. It’s always fun to see what they are up to! Hope that you have a fantastic season Bill 🙂

Cheers, Paul

HT10 to Australia

This is Tim’s second HT10. Having two of the same rod makes a lot of sense, partly if one accidentally blows up when you’re on an adventure but also it can be very useful to have two different set-ups ready to go at a moment’s notice.

The HT10 was developed on both coasts of Australia as well as here in Malaysia. I use a number of lines on this rod of around AFFTA 10.

When it was developed I used a RÍO Tech Tarpon taper that was true to weight and 60’ long in the head (I don’t think this is now manufactured).

Here in Malaysia one of my go-to set-ups is with a SA Infinity 9 (which is 9.5WT).

Basically pick a line according to its actual line weight according to AFFTA and you won’t go wrong.  In other words it’s a 10WT. 🙂

Feel free to drop me an email on for info on this or any other rod. And remember all HT rods currently come with a free Zoom video conferencing casting session.

Cheers, Paul

A couple of clonkers

A couple of really stunning fish here for Gav in Tassie.

Gday cobber, hope you are well. landed a PB brown on the HT6 this arvo at 8.5 pounds..

and then the very next day…

7 pound tailer this evening.

HT 6 is the best 6 weight available today, by a long way.
And I have cast/ owned quite a few of them over the journey 😂😂
That certainly made my day! Also makes me want to head back to Tassie in the New Year. 😎
Great feedback. Thanks!! Stunning fish 🤠