“BullICS” HT8!

This is Iain’s third Hot Torpedo. He already has the 4 and the 10. This is the 8 and we are building his HT6 next week. That’s most bases covered!!

Of all the HT rods, surprisingly perhaps, it’s the HT8 that I seem to use the most. It was originally developed as a SW all-round flats rod. When we launched it, I likened it to “a canon with finesse” – which sums it up nicely I think 🙂

As part of our testing we took a range of 9’ 8WTs from different manufacturers and compared them side by side to three of the later prototypes we had. As far as I can work out many 8WT rods appear to be designed for heavier lines! Tip bounce is also a common problem.

“A canon with finesse” 😀 The HT8 is also a big fish magician! Mine has caught an 11.5lb Brown Trout in the Kola Peninsular, 16lb Carp in Jersey, 17lb Giant Snakehead in Malaysia and some rather nice Bonefish in the Maldives. It was blasting Ladyfish a few months ago! What will you catch on yours? 🙂

Incidentally here in the tropics I use an SA Bonefish 8WT line on mine.

To find out more about this or any of the Sexyloops HT range drop me an email on paul@sexyloops.com

Some more details on the HT8…


Cheers, Paul

HT Prototypes

I’m quite excited to receive a couple of HT Prototypes in the next weeks. There is the much-worked-on HT905 to cast and fish. I’ve lost count of the number of these prototypes I’ve had! But I’m really focussed on this one now and hope to have a finalised version by the end of the year. But as you’ll no doubt know it “takes as long as it takes”. And sometimes even longer than that!

And then there is the T27 prototype. Now this will be the second prototype since arguably “The Ranpage” is a T27 (and also a T38!). That’s the one I’ve been using up to now for competition and it’s quite the broomstick. But it’s only 9’6 and I’m keen to explore slightly softer and longer. So this development is going to take a while – you can tell that, right? 🙂

The T27 build actually catches two fish with one cast because this one was built by Juan in Spain. Brexit has thrown up many hurdles, particularly the introduction of VAT charges on import from UK to EU and so we are taking this opportunity to expand. Ultimately we are looking to build EU destined rods within the EU. Lee is working very closely with Juan to make sure that they are Hot Torpedos in every way!!

Any questions about Sexyloops rods as always feel free to email me on paul@sexyloops.com

Cheers, Paul

HT8 to Tasmania

This is a particularly nice looking colour scheme, chestnut brown with bright green tippings – it’s the first time we have made such a combination. Nice choice, George!!

I have fly fished the Tassie saltwater a few times, mainly for Kahawai. I believe that there also some fantastic sea-trout fishing to be had there.

Yeah Kahawai but mainly wrasse and trumpeter, they fight that dirty its sooo fun!!!

I’m looking forward to hearing about future exploits!

For more info about this rod check here – https://www.sexyloops.com/index.php/webshop/item/537/ht-pro-9ft-8wt

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Cheers, Paul

“The rod is amazing”

Always great to hear back on how the HT rods are performing!

Another fabulous day with Ronan. The rod is truly amazing.  Makes me look like I almost know what I am doing!!
Thank you!!!

That’s fantastic to hear and really makes me happy!

Now something I’m currently doing while we are having a pandemic and no international clients for our guiding business, is Zoom Casting sessions! This has been very successful. So much so that if you order a new Hot Torpedo fly rod from us I will give you a free one-hour Zoom lesson!

Get it while it’s hot!! Email me on paul@sexyloops.com for more info or WhatsApp me on +60198549552

Cheers, Paul

HT4 for UK/NZ

Another Sexyloops rod build with the dark blue wraps and silver trims that has been very popular this year! The HT4 is my all-round go-to trout and grayling rod for rivers/stillwaters.

I fish mine with a true-to-AFFTA Double Taper 4. You can find out more here https://www.sexyloops.com/index.php/webshop/item/545/ht-pro-9ft-4wt

Alternatively drop me an email on paul@sexyloops.com 🙂

Cheers, Paul

Matching custom HT6 and 10

HT6 and HT10 carefully customised to match a Nautilus reel! This is a bit like matching socks to underpants and something we do all the time at Sexyloops 🙂 Well it’s something that Lars does anyway and since this pair of rods is also destined for Denmark then it’s a Viking thing. Me personally often my socks don’t match.

fully customised rod grip

Every Sexyloops rod that we are currently sending out comes with a Zoom casting meet for those who would like a short lesson from me off the back of the boat. Just another great reason to make you next rod a Hot Torpedo!

As always for orders, questions and so on you can email me on paul@sexyloops.com I’m also available on WhatsApp +60198549552

Cheers, Paul

Instructor 6 to the Netherlands

This is a very nice looking HT6 Instructor with black recoils and winding check, a personalised grip. Very cool, Erwin!!

This may actually be slightly sexier than the standard HT Instructor series!

Remember we have both HT6 and HT7 Instructor blanks in stock. But there are also HT4, 8 and 10 Instructor rods in existence around the world. For more information about this or any of our Sexyloops rods please email me on paul@sexyloops.com

Cheers, Paul

Steve’s Winning HT

It’s taken a little while to build because we’ve been flat out! This is Steve Henderson’s winning rod. Steve chose an HT7 with blue grey/ burnt orange whippings and a hook keeper!


Congratulations again Steve!! I hope it gives you many decades of faithful and exciting enjoyment.

Not everyone can be as lucky as Steve but everyone can own a Sexyloops Hot Torpedo! For more information on this and all our rods please look here: https://www.sexyloops.com/index.php/webshop/list/70/fly-rods

As always if you want to learn more or order a custom made rod for yourself then please email me on paul@sexyloops.com

Cheers, Paul

Turning heads and Spacers

This is quite a stunning looking HT4 crafted for Ian. Originally Ian asked for Latohegy Osage Orange but unfortunately we don’t have this option yet. However Lee had some pretty exciting looking wood he was wanting to turn.

Which came out like this…

And this has resulting in a quite wonderful HT4…

With a removable butt…

Fantastic work from Lee!!! 😀 😀

It was quite a funny story on the decision to purchase this rod by Ian. Many years ago when I had the first prototype HT4 I met Ian for a cast on the side of the A1 travelling from North to South. And now some 7-8 years later Ian has his rod. I hope it was worth the wait! It certainly looks amazing 😀

Cheers, Paul

PS more details on the HT4:

(this is my go-to trout rod).

And as always please feel free to email me on paul@sexyloops.com for more info.