Paul Arden | Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Welcome to Sexyloops - we're fifteen years old and currently undergoing a major reconstruction! There are over twelve thousand flyfishing pages here, if you find yourself hopelessly lost you can always start again by clicking the Sexyloops logo at the top of each page. Sexyloops has been put together from all over the world, from contributors' homes and offices and even from camp spots on the river bank. If you want to meet us you can usually find one of us on the Board, or send me an email!

Please note that most of these links go to the old version of Sexyloops, the new bells and whistles version is happening before your very eyes!

The Front Page

Sexyloops was the very first fly fishing site to deliver new content 7 days a week, 365 days a year. On The Front Page you'll find the very latest "headline" and "strike" content which is put together by one of our regulars. It can come from Spain, USA, Hungary, Germany, UK, Denmark, New Zealand, Serbia, Australia, South Africa, Canada and France - in fact just about everywhere you can find fish. Over a period of time you'll get to know the regulars, even if you wish you hadn't!

The Forums

One of the most amazing discussion boards on the Internet is hosted on Sexyloops. We call it The Board. Here you'll find the best casting instructors, fly tyers, tournament casters, engineers, scentists, fisheries biologists as well as many of the finest names from within the tackle trade, who are all part of the Sexyloops community. It really is the only discussion board of it's kind in the world. We even meet up from time to time - in New Zealand, Scotland, Hungary, Canada and the US. There is a Spanish version of the Board run by our Spanish readers and flycasting instructors, called Foro. Here is one of our old and now archived Boards.

The Flycasting Manual

Fifeteen years ago Sexyloops started out as essentially a flycasting site, when I wrote The Fly Casting Manual. Fifty pages of flycasting tips and possibly the most complete resource of flycasting information in the world. Of course my opinion on flycasting and how to teach it has changed considerably over that time but it's still a very useful and comprehensive section, being one of the backbones of Sexyloops. It's also been translated into Spanish by Carlos.


Next to me, the longest running Front Page contributor is my good friend Viking Lars (who is from Denmark). Lars is a wonderful caster and possibly the neatest flytyer I know. A few years ago we ran his Viking Tips series which has useful little tips on everything from line cleaning to tying multiple flies. Lars also writes the Saturday page and has an interesting habit of turning two words into one.


One of our major sections is almost the complete resource on stillwater flyfishing tactics - it's packed with information, delivered in a monthly format. There are sections on just everything you need to know about lake fishing. I grew up flyfishing UK stillwaters and threw all my knowledge into this small book when I started teaching flyfishing back in '96. There are some funky diagrams I drew with a computer mouse, I'm quite proud of those actually.


One of our regular columnists is my good friend Sean Geer. He initially wrote for us every Sunday but we had to change that when God complained. Sean writes for the Economist, Discovery website and various magazines. His writing is some of the best on Sexyloops, I often go back and read past Fishmails.


Another major Sexyloops section is our rivers flyfishing section called The Flow. This section includes chapters on stalking fish, trout lies, feeding behaviour, trout vision, how to cross rivers, fishing tactics and leader set-ups..


An enormous and comprehensive section is that of Carlos Azpilicueta from Spain. Carlos is a masterful presentation flycaster, undoubtedly one of the world's best. He is also one of the world's leading instructors, turning casting practise into play. In his section you will discover his unique approach to teaching; he leads with a flycasting exercise, a practical casting game or a thought-provoking article. Naturally this section is also in Spanish.


Our beginners section is a fascinating concept. I taught our pupil Karen to fly fish from scratch, using her lessons as they happened to teach Steve to fish via the Internet. Finally, also in this section, are Nick Hart's lessons in becoming an Certified Instructor. If you have never flyfished, or if you know someone who would like to learn, try printing out the first three lessons. Thousands have learned to fish this way.

Fly tying

Ben Spinks will teach you how to tie flies from your first fly to advanced techniques in our fly tying section. This a great section and a fun read. Ben is also one of our contributors on the Front Page, although he hasn't written in a while, no doubt because the men in white coats are still looking for him. More recently Matt Klara joined our fold. Matt's been writing for us for a few years. He's a fisheries biologist in Oregon and one of the best fly fishermen I know. Matt is also on the Front Page team. His String Leeches are excellent patterns although also completely impossible to tie.


In our Articles section there's some great writing by all the contributors as well as by the occasional guest writer. If we don't know where to archive something it usually ends up here. There are flycasting and flyfishing articles as well as a a couple of superb must-read articles by Bill Gammel.


This wouldn't be a flyfishing site without tackle reviews. We take it to the end of the Earth; turn it upside-down, and then I try to destroy it by taking it fishing. There are reviews on fishing gear as well as books and videos. We review our own stuff too, obviously that's the best.

Steve Parton

Steve Parton wrote for us and has a wealth of knowledge in everything from the trade to large stillwater tactics, float tubing and imaginary saltfly. Steve pioneered various UK stillwater methods and brought many US flies over to the UK during the stillwater boom. Another of my good mates is Deano. Deano guides New Zealand, writes for New Zealand fishing mags, invents really ugly flies and novel casting techniques which only he can perform. He looks after my truck when I'm out the country. One year he painted it pink as a practical joke. No one else found it funny.

Imaginary Saltfly

Back when I started out saltwater flyfishing we opened  Saltwater and picked an advisory team using some of the world's best known anglers. The Sexyloops Panel is Bruce Richards, Cathy and Barry Beck, Tom Rowland, Gary Coxon and "Madbrad" Wesner. With their help I quickly realised that saltwater flyfishing is imaginary.

Flycasting development

One of our evolving flycasting sections is Dirty Harry. The idea was, and is, to incorporate multi-media. Back when we started doing this we were pioneering flycasting on the Net. There is teaching on distance casting as well as learning the Double Haul... you can learn to Double Haul here.


The original thrust behind Sexyloops was flyfishing and flycasting advice. Mostly this happens on the Board now however there is still the odd gem of information to be found here.


I took the EFFA Masters, failed, retook and passed. There's some really good flycasting information and definitely worth a read, especially if you're thinking of becoming an instructor. Apart from that, get on the Board - we have masses of instructor info dotted around Sexyloops.

New Zealand

My first trip to New Zealand was over twenty years ago and I've been returning ever since. Backcountry, lowland river and lake fishing experience can help you make the most of any solo wilderness or travel trip. There's also bushcraft advice for when things start to go wrong!


We have around 200 short movies up on the Sexyloops site. You can access the root folder here. There are movies on flycasting, adventure and humour - basically we've been paving the way for our flyfishing feature films.

Pic of the Day

Every day we add a picture to the Picture of Day archive. Often they turn into series, from Mugwai hunts to Camo-Guy's lessons in stealth, to night casting with the lumi-line to Mid-West road trips.

The concept behind the Sexyloops Glossary was to try to integrate and cross-link the main site. This didn't work however because no one understood the definitions.

The original Sexyloops newsletter evolved into the weekly Vortex, one of the most read sections here at Sexyloops. Here you'll find the odd weekly musing as well as flycasting ideas and flyfishing tips.

Finally I give flycasting lessons both for Individuals as well as the Sexyloops One Day Course.

Apart from this we also own Sexyloops.TV, several youtube channels and have a Mobile App.

Here's our Sexyloops contact details.