Quite the Rod!

Another HT4 on its way to Tasmania – the perfect place for an HT4, I fished mine there for 3 months before Zuie took it off my hands!

This rod blank was originally developed for stream and river fishing in Bosnia and Croatia, where tippets of .10mm (that’s 7X) and hook sizes 18-20 are used most often. But being the sort of man I am, I didn’t want a wimpy slow rod that requires patience just waiting for the bloody backcast to unroll. Also I like to put tight loops under trees, cast in strong winds, catch big fish (of course) and so something a bit more “Torpedoish” was required.

We made a lot of prototypes and I wasn’t happy with any of them. We were on number 8 (or something ridiculous) and I decided “one more rod blank”. Normally of course it’s one more last cast, or one more beer, but in this case it was one more rod blank and I really meant it this time. I was starting to think it was impossible to make a 9ft 4WT Hot Torpedo.

When the final prototype rod arrived there was a parting of the clouds and harp music could be heard. I said “turn that shit down, I’m trying to test a rod here.”

It quickly became clear that while I had developed the rod I wanted for my sort of fast approach to river fishing, here was also a rod that could stick the fly out to windlanes, throw light streamers, and had incredible sensitivity – it transformed my lake fishing overnight. Being able to distance cast a 4WT DT line “out there” really is a game changer. You don’t have to take my word for it; you can buy one and try it yourself.

One thing I would say however, is with all the current bollocks with fly lines being heavier than they are supposed to be, often by one or more AFFTA/AFTM ratings, you actually need to find a line that is bang on the weight it should be… ie 120 grains at 30ft (minus level tip). If you need help finding the right 4WT line then let me know. If a line weighs 140 grains at 30ft then it’s a 5WT, not a 4WT, despite what it may say on the box, and the manufacturer got it wrong. Conversely if the line weighs 120 grains, you can use this, no matter what it says on the box.

Hot Torpedo rods are developed with and for AFFTA/AFTM conforming lines. Yes all rods will cast a wide variety of line weights (we cast varying line lengths at varying speeds every time we fish – so this is a given by design) HOWEVER if you want the HT4 to feel like the fast, zippy, lightweight, highly sensitive and amazing fly rod that it is, then you need a 4WT line that weighs what a 4WT line should.

This is particularly important if you are going to let someone else try your rod!!! The first question you need to ask someone incidentally, whenever you cast their rod, is “what line am I casting?”. If you are casting a 4WT line that weights a 5, or 4 1/2 FFS, or even a 6 then you are going to say “this is not blowing my socks off.” So please DT4 that is a DT4. If you want to use a WF4 – for some reason – then use a WF4 that is a WF4, ie also weighs 120 grains at 30ft.

Finally, if that’s not working out for you then you need to learn to cast. We have an entire video section devoted to teaching you this fine skill…


And here you can find the HT4… full customisation and world-wide shipping is included in the price.

Cheers, Paul


The Rod Killers

The good news is that no one managed to explode an HT10/ Comp5 V2 at the Word Championships. This means we have an HT10 in stock! We have been trying to build our stock levels and get ahead of ourselves for about 6 months now – to no avail (apparently, according to Lee, I’m selling too fast!).

The HT12 prototype wasn’t so lucky. I’ve always maintained that if you manufacture fly rods then you need to put the rod in competitors’ hands and let them go wild.

Five years ago at a Scottish Meet, Stefan Siikavaara managed to break HT6 prototype no3 after beating it up for 2 hrs. We rebuilt it, made it stronger, and spent another year testing it – giving you the HT6 we have now.

Three years ago in Romania I blew up a rather nice 7’6 #3 – which is still work in progress.

Last weekend Mikael Blomberg found (and exploited!) a weakness in the HT12 that ultimately might have cost us a lot of money, time and reputation to put right. So I’m indebted to him – truly.

Fly rod testing with the Rod Killers 🙂 🙂 🙂

World Championships Cumbria 2018

We’ve seen a lot of broken rods at the World Championships over the years – although, touch wood, never a Hot Torpedo. However at Mike Duzynski’s suggestion we will have a brand new back up HT10/Comp V2 for the Trout Distance.

I would like to point out that I am using the same original “Competiton” rod that I was using two years ago. It is my go-to 10WT for Snakehead and has caught a lot of very big fish! Also it is the rod that I bash around in competition trout distance and casting events. And I known for being hard on gear.

I only mention this fact because the Italian Team are obviously animals because 80% of our repairs go to Italy!

Have a wonderful competition everyone. I’m looking forward to catching up with you all there! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Cheers, Paul


This is our first go at the HT12, intended for GT and Sailfish. We will lengthen up the handle as an option for fighting belts. It’s going to get a lot of use but so far the blank is very promising with a strong HT action.

If you are coming to the Sexyloops Hot Torpedo Weekend in two weeks then prepare to have a cast!

Awesome build quality from Sexyloops Rod Builder Lee 🙂 Here he is sporting some new Tonic Shades!

Recent Custom Hot Torpedos

Here are a few of our latest Custom Hot Torpedos:

Chuan’s second HT8 (Chuan has two HT6s as well!)…

Andy’s first Hot Torpedo (HT4)…

And then an Instructor 6 with a difference for Stu Tripney MCI in New Zealand…

Full Hot Torpedo customisation is free and included in the price and we currently give free world-wide shipping…

For the full Hot Torpedo range check here: http://www.sexyloops.com/index.php/webshop/list/70/fly-rods

For owners’ reviews have a look here: http://www.sexyloops.com/index.php/ps/reviews

Have an enquiry? Please email me on paul@sexyloops.com

Cheers, Paul

Paul’s HT10 Strikes Again!

Still going strong after two years, the original Hot Torpedo 10 catches another 4KG Giant Snakehead 🙂

This rod has given me so many great moments. Two years ago it gave me a Bronze Medal in the 5WT Word Championships and in two weeks will be in Cumbria for the 5th World Championships.

But really, it’s just a fabulous 10WT fishing rod designed for Jungle Snakehead and Tropical Saltwater in mind.


Cheers, Paul

PS Thanks Stu Tripney for the great photos!