Here is an HT7 Instructor rod off to the USA. I always said that a 7WT was overkill for the exams and a 6WT was plenty, but it’s actually become one of my favourite rods! ๐Ÿ™‚ It is the only rod that we have designed for the instructor exams in mind, but it is a tremendous streamer rod and generates very high line speed โ€“and still has the Hot Torpedo feel of course. There are definitely times when it is my rod off choice over both the HT6 and HT8.

I really like these hot orange whippings, especially long term when the epoxy starts to discolour slightly they look so much better.

You can find more information about this particular rod here and all the Sexyloops rods here.

The big news this month is that we have finalised the HT905 design and are taking pre-orders in advance of the official launch in March. If you order this month you will still be able to take advantage of 2021 prices and have it in time for April. More on all of this next week. In the meantime you can order here alternatively drop me an email on There is more information on the HT5 on this page.

There will also be the Latohegy Osage Orange reel spacers option…

As always if you have any questions at all feel free to email me on And remember all rods come with a free one-hour Zoom video conferencing lesson!

Cheers, Paul