Brandon’s HT10

A Saltwater 10WT like no other… a rod that is not only FAST and SEXY, but has FEEL right to the butt. Matched with a 10WT fly line, that really is a 10WT fly line and not some overweight brick of a line, then you will experience the Hot Torpedo action.

This 10WT blows the competition out the water. It’s a Snakehead rod, it’s a Saltwater Flats rod, and finally it’s a Competition 5WT rod! And because it has the HT action, you can cast it all day, every day, and your body and mind will love it.

Our top-selling rod of 2017. Will it be our top selling rod of 2018?

Comes with Torzite Titanium rings as standard… we only fit the very best.