Another trusty HT6

This is off to Alaska in fact it was posted a few weeks ago and I’m just catching up after being temporarily blinded by Sean’s HT8 I posted last time. Navy Blue with gold trims. Nicely understated, unlike Sean’s of course

Really great to see these rods going out again. Some real problems with the post office but seem to be running smoothly now.

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An exciting HT8

Six-pound Sean never does anything by halves.  When he said he wanted Orange and Claret whippings Lee knew exactly what he meant… “exciting”.  After all, how can you possibly make the HT8 more exciting than it already is? “Impossible” thought many. But Sean had an idea that he didn’t even know about, and selected Hot Orange and Claret whippings.

We like the subtleness of the “Hot Torpedo” logo: “H T”. Perfect. We think it contrasts nicely to the hot orange whippings.

As Sean correctly points out, getting lost on the Mexican flats while fishing for imaginary bonefish is not going to be a problem for him, because Tom will know where he is at all times.

Just don’t lose your sunglasses!

You too can have a Hot Torpedo like Sean’s. Just email me on and we will get the exact colour scheme of your choosing.