A special HT8 custom built for Mika the Legend. It’s taken a while to order this fine beast! Mika was casting mine in Malaysia and decided he needed one – as does everyone of course 🙂

Mika’s rods always have some unique element to them! And this one is no exception of course.

Lee had to shorten “Hot Torpedo” into HT otherwise Mika would have needed a longer rod 😀

Best cork and fittings in the business.

“T-seeker” and let’s hope it’s a 6KG T next time 🙂

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Cheers, Paul

Smooth and Effortless

Custom HT7 Instructor rod headed Stateside. It’s the classic Sexyloops fast action with deep feel HT design, that I love. How else to describe a rod…. Magic? 🙂

The rod arrived with Mark last week. Mark writes:

It’s safe to say I have a new favorite fly rod. Very smooth and effortless casts, and easy to cast tighter loops

That’s wonderful 🙂 🙂 🙂

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Cheers, Paul