Coming Soon!

It won’t be ready for Christmas but it will be available in the New Year. I’ve finalised the HT7 blank. The rod will be available in Instructor white and matt fishing versions with the options of Torzite, Recoil, Snake or single leg H&H rings.

Many thanks to SA for sending me a couple of MED7 lines for finalising the blank. It’s a rocket! Or even better: a Hot Torpedo 🙂

Performance and Service

Selling rods is quite easy but supporting your customers is what ultimately sets your business apart from the others. All problems are personally dealt with by me… broken tips, accidental damage, refurbishment. And just like any rod manufacturer we occasionally make mistakes, that need to be resolved quickly and to everyone’s satisfaction. Going the extra mile is something that I very much believe in and as a consumer on the Internet myself, I know the difference between good and bad service.

For me, I always try to see an opportunity when something goes wrong and I’m very much aware that our long term success in manufacturing fly rods is built upon happy, returning customers!

In this particular case we had an HT10 go out to Australia which developed some cracks around one of the female ferrules. We had the rod returned and the problem ferrule was repaired and strengthened. Since then the problem has reoccurred.

So that we don’t waste any more of our customers time, I’m having a new HT10 built – this is it! And I’ll have Chris ship the original rod over to me in Malaysia, where I’ll use it as my goto Snakehead fishing rod – that way I can monitor the ferrules and get a better understanding as to what has happened here. I’m also keen to fish the rod to destruction to see how long this takes given the problem at hand.

See? Every problem has a silver lining!

Testing the 907

It’s not really a length/size combination that I would reach for but following numerous requests from the USA for a HT Instructor rod in a 7WT it’s something that I’ve been working on for about 6 months now.

Yes it will perform all the Master tasks. All rods will do this, even the HT4 without problems. However for some reason it’s obviously being recommended in the USA to use the maximum line class that is permissible. No doubt this is to make the 70’ and 85’ distance casts easier.

I’m sure you know what I think about that 😀

Anyway I got fed up with telling everyone that if you can’t pass the test with a 6WT outfit then you are probably not going to pass with a 7WT outfit either. And instead I’ll just make an amazing Instructor 7WT.

Here I’m testing it on a Giant Snakehead. Last week Zhongxiang caught a decent size Gourami on it. Basically it’s so good you’ll catch fish casting down a toilet.  Just don’t land those ones.

The rod might be ready soon. But you know me; I only release them when I’m sure that I can’t make them any better.

The Hot Torpedo competition is back!!!

OK first up, sorry I was flat out for the past two months! Fishing and fishing with friends got in the way of the Competition! Of course, it’s the best and only excuse around here 🙂

Talking to a few of our HT owners we have some new rules now: there are no rules and anything goes! Therefore you don’t have to write the entry from the perspective of your rod, but tell any HT story in any way you want.

And now we have something new: EVERY PUBLISHED ENTRY GETS A FREE STEALTH CAP! I know many of you have been asking when the Sexyloops hats will be available again – well quite soon!

So a free SEXYLOOPS STEALTH CAP to every entrant. Monthly winners get a Sexyloops Stealth Shirt of their design. And the grand prize is a new Hot Torpedo Fly Rod. Yes – it’s our fantastic biennial give-away!

Here is what has happened so far…

Cheers, Paul

Comp5 V2

The Comp5 V2 for one of Bart’s Dutch Fly Casting Team’s fellow members. I’m looking forward to meeting Antony and all the rest of the team in Sweden next year!

This is the rod I’ve been using in the last two World Championships in the Trout Distance event – and the one that Bart has been using to set British Records.   It’s a superb 5WT distance rod and also a wonderful 10WT fishing tool!

Full personalisation is included in the price, until the end of the year only. After this custom builds will come at a premium.

You can see the compete Sexyloops HT range here. Remember: it’s an exploration! 🙂