HT6 Instructor to Germany

Actually this is the first of two Instructor 6 rods heading to Germany! If you join me for a campfire then please remind me to tell you about how Brexit affects UK businesses and we will put another log on the fire. The only silver lining is that it gives me some interesting stories to tell!

Our Spanish rod builder, Juan, is making a HT6 for a customer in Scandinavia shortly. By the middle of this year we will have Juan fully organised. As you can imagine Brexit has required some complicated organising which in effect doubles our rod components stock holding. Basically it’s a second mirror business that was totally unnecessary a few years ago and totally necessary today. The only place in the world where customers are charged import fees on HTs is the EU. And we need to avoid that… or put our prices up 20%. So we need to avoid that!

Anyway another cracking rod. Really fine work from Lee again. Next week Lee will be incredibly busy building 5WTs. If you are really fast you might be able to get an order in before the blanks arrive. We have a few rods in stock of course. But when the HT5 blanks arrive we will be flat out for some weeks.

As always feel free to drop me an email on any time.

Cheers, Paul