Sean Geer

Life is a bit more exciting than it has been for a while! There are wriggly things in the water now. I can’t really remember when I last saw so many but it seems worth paying a bit more attention these days. I don’t want that pink stripy bastard by the rock next to mine stealing them all like he did last year! Although actually right now he seems quite a lot more interested in that other pink stripy bastard I’ve seen recently. They were doing some sort of… energetic playing-together thing the other day? It looked exhausting. I don’t know what that is but they certainly seem to like it.

So there I am today, just kind of doing my late morning paddle near my usual rock and trying not to let the PSBs disturb my peace and quiet. The wriggly things are waking up now and I’m keeping an eye out, but it’s still not quite time for them to be doing that weird dance where they disappear through the big silvery ceiling. That’s a bit odd but I quite like it – I get a lot more exercise chasing them up there than I do just hanging around by my rock. Maybe they’ll start doing that soon.

Anyway, today I was just sort of doodling around when one of those big blurry shapes appeared up there. I don’t normally pay them much attention but this one was holding an amazing stick. I mean, they pretty much all have sticks but this was a really good one. It had a kind of squiggly pattern on the thick bit of it that was much cooler than the usual stick patterns. And it was a longer squiggle, too. I don’t know what that means or if it’s important, but it’s nice to see something different instead of that really short, boring squiggle that lots of the sticks seem to have.

Sometimes when the sticks wave around they do a sort of flashy thing, which I don’t like and I have to go and hang around behind the rock for a while. There was no flashy-flashy with this one, though, so I just stayed where I was and attacked a couple of wrigglers. And guess what! A couple of minutes later this really nice-looking fluffy thing appeared in the hole in my ceiling, so I attacked that too.

The next bit is all a bit of a blur but the bit after that was okay. I am back behind my rock now and the PSBs have gone somewhere else for a bit. I don’t know why but I think I might avoid the nice squiggle next time. We’ll see.

Rock appears courtesy of the Cressbrook & Litton Flyfishing Club, Upperdale, Derbyshire Wye.

Really nice fluffy thing by David Marriott.

Pink Stripy Bastard is a registered trademark of Fishmail International Conglomerates. All rights reserved.

Several wriggly things were harmed in the making of this story.

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  1. That is one fat little brownie Sean. Caught on a Purple Haze if I recall, a fly that surely should have been named by Peter Hayes, but surely was not!

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