Now this is a very sexy rod. Originally made for the MCI test of all things, it’s a really fantastic light SW fly rod. Also it’s good for blasting streamers on rivers and I would think great for backcountry NZ too, especially when fishing heavy double nymphs. It’s definitely a cannon, but with great all-round feel as you would expect with a Sexyloops HT.

TCB is one of my Zoom course students  and a very high level caster he is too. Our lessons are more about exploring than teaching. Great stuff.

Taylor already has many HTs but this one was to get into the 666 SW competition. The sailing boat we are planning to live on for the foreseeable future will be called “666”.  And fittingly there will be 666 entries. Buy a HT and you have the chance to win an all-expenses 2 week SW trip with me. And if we get shipwrecked it will be even longer. Perfect!

Rod is in!And looks great of course, I like how the green wraps came out. Can’t wait to give this a cast. I have a new MED7 ready to go.

I’m pretty sure that combination will potentially throw 145’+ in Taylor’s hands!

Email me on to find out more!

Cheers, Paul

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