Father and Son HT6

A couple of HT6 rods off to New Zealand. Snake rings as recommended by Stuntman Ronan (well he is a stuntman) and spare tips too! Spare tips are a great idea if you are an adventurous angler and if you want one for your HT we can whip up a 5-piece rod sock. Lee used different trim colours on the rods to distinguish them from each other.

Really great to see the Pro6 heading over to New Zealand. It was my 20 years of summering in NZ that led to the development of this rod. It’s my go-to rod for Giant Gourami here in Malaysia and technically speaking our “flag-ship rod”.

I hope that they catch many big fish and have a long and hard life!! You can read more about this rod here:


For more info ping me an email on paul@sexyloops.com

Thanks! Paul

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