HT6 blue

This is very similar to our original Pro thread colour. A new rod for Darren. It’s going to be seeing a bit of New Zealand and has a spare tip for his adventures!

As you might already know this rod was primarily designed for NZ style fishing (backcountry) where I spent my summers for the best part of 20 years it 3000 days fishing!

Here my standard backcountry rig was three flies. You can see a video here where I actually describe the set up before drinking some water beer.

This was back in the days before I had the HT6 or hair for that matter. 🙂

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HT4 in time for Xmas

Here is an HT4 that went out last week with a complimentary Sexyloops Face Sock. Here in Malaysia at least you can’t go anywhere without one, and what better way to look invisible than a camouflage face sock? 🙂

The HT4 is my go-to trout and streams rod. I fish it using an SA Mastery DT4. It fishes 7X tippets, has great feel at short range, can throw 100’ fishing casts when required and is just a great all-round fishing rod!

Instructor 6 to Colorado

Our flagship Instructor rod which is on its way to the States. It’s a wonderful rod to teach with no least because students actually pay attention!

Available in both 6 and 7WT versions, I remember once overhearing that the HT6 made the AAPGAI exam “too easy”!! Well I took this as a compliment 🙂

Remember buying an HT Instructor rod enables you at any time to email me questions about the exams and I’ll even go through the theory with you via email. This is always fun!

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Cheers, Paul