Pro8 the workhorse

When we first designed this rod I called it a “cannon with finesse”! An 8WT is a real go-to workhorse. I’ve certainly mistreated mine on fish 🙂 It’s a fairly lightweight SW rod, a heavy trout rod and for me a go-to Snakehead rod, all rolled into one.

This rod has gone to Wales but ultimately it’s heading to Senegal, where I have an Australian Zoom Casting “athlete” 🙂 Talking of which, for those who want it, every HT currently being sent receives a free Zoom Casting session with me. We can talk fishing, we can talk double haul, we can even talk beer!

The finest cork money can buy!

I fish this rod over 300 days/year, year in year out. For flylines I recommend SA Bonefish8, SA MED8, SA Infinity8, SA Redfish8 and I’m currently testing the Ballistic Saltwater 8. Most of these are true-to-weight 8WT lines. A couple are half over. My go-to line is currently the Bonefish.

I actually made a video mentioning this rod last week… 

You can find out about all Sexyloops flyrods here. You can email me on and I am WhatsAppable (?) on +60198549552 🙂

Cheers, Paul

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